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Sure positive enough and then you look at how the home building stocks are actually doing and they're all taking hits the especially dr horton down three and a half percent now i know they're making a presentation at an industry conference today maybe that has something to do with it i don't know i haven't seen any headlines it's j p morgan conference it's coming so who knows but you know across the group you've seen decline so clearly people not so enthused about the home builder's and think about it with ratesensitive shares being down homebuilder certainly fit that category do get that data showing that sentiment among guys how builders rose for the first time in five months there you go see my come on in here with retail sales we got the data for april and frankly on all accounts seemed to be pretty good came in with expectations but they upgraded the previous totals for retail sales so what's your take on this i mean does this indicate that the consumer does have more disposable income and issues well yeah the results were in line and actually frankly better than i expected autos was still decelerated substantially from the prior month which is not unexpected but yeah i was surprised to see i guess the strength and building materials and garden given what home depot and these other sort of outdoor retailers have been you know discussing and the weather that we've experienced ourselves so i think that it's positive but it's also the.

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