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Small conference room, and I was the only one wearing a mask. Also, the Dakota access pipeline shut down indefinitely. This order of indicates the countless prayers and actions of the techie suckle only people that tribal nations who have been fighting this project for years now and a historic tavern in Boston that relies on traffic from nearby Fenway, reinventing itself to survive the pandemic. Now news Live from NPR news. I'm Jack Spear. A single criminal charge has been filed against the New York City woman who called police in May and falsely reported a black man was threatening her in Central Park. If convicted, Amy Cooper could face a year in jail more NPR's Brian Man Any. Coover, who is white, was letting her dog run loose in Central Park when a birdwatcher named Christian Cooper asked her to put her pet back on its leash is park rules require. Instead, she called police Christian Cooper recorded her on his cell phone as she claimed that an African American man was threatening her and her dog. The incident drew national attention. Amy Cooper later apologized, and she was fired from her job Now Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has filed a misdemeanor charge, accusing her of falsely reporting an incident. If convicted, Cooper could face fines Jail time or up to three years on probation. Brian Man NPR news in Florida's Miami Dade County, The mayor today ordered another rollback of business openings as the area tries to tamp down a surge of covert 19 cases. NPR's Greg Allen reports, restaurants are being closed all the takeout and delivery. Miami Dade County has seen nearly 50,000 quarter virus cases nearly 1/4 of Florida's total. Like the rest of the state, there's been a significant increase in cases since mid June. The biggest spike is among 18 to 34 year olds. Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Jimenez says medical experts have attributed to people going too congested places and ignoring guidelines on face coverings and social distancing. Now he men is announcing a new emergency order that closes restaurants all but takeout and delivery. It also closes gyms and halt short term rentals. Beaches, which were closed in Miami Dade will reopen Tuesday, and the county is allowing outdoor activities, including summer camps to go forward with capacity limits, social distancing and face coverings required. Greg Allen. NPR NEWS Miami A new kind of therapy for covert 19 is cleared. An initial hurdle is moving into expanded testing and patients, NPR's Joe Palka explains. The therapy is based on antibodies to the Corona virus. When people are infected with a virus, their immune systems make molecules called antibodies that fight off the disease. If you could isolate and purify the most potent of those antibodies, then presumably, they could be used to help people fight off the infection. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has made a kind of drug cocktail made from two such potent antibodies. Initial safety testing and 30 patients showed the drug was promising. So researchers will now give it to both covert 19 patients sick enough to be hospitalized as well as patients with milder forms of the disease. It will also be tried as a way to prevent people becoming infected in the first place. Joe Palka NPR News on Wall Street today U. S stocks followed global markets higher. The Dow up 459 points to 26,000 to 87. The NASDAQ was up 226 points. Yes and P rose 49 points. This is NPR and in Southern California. This is W News on Benjamin Gottlieb. Here's what's happening. You just heard an update on the Corona virus nationwide. Well, here in L. A county officials are once again reporting record numbers of code 19 cases after a three day pause because of the Independence Day holiday. Between Thursday and Saturday, officials tallied more than 7000 positive tests that included well over 3000 on Friday alone, the most in a single day in the county yet Koven related deaths, however, continue to stay relatively steady. Though that is a lagging indicator. There are more than 30 deaths over the last three days. Hello. Health officials warned last week about an alarming rise in new cases and positivity rates, saying that hospitals could run out of beds in ICU space in a matter of weeks if trends continue. Down in Orange County cases continue to rise as well. More than 650 new cases there on Sunday alone, California's a whole took a step back, and it's reopening this past weekend as the state ordered bars too close and banned indoor dining at restaurants in L, A and more than a dozen other counties. Beach is also in many parts of the state were shut down but have reopened today. If you do not catch a glimpse of the spectacular and illegal fireworks over the weekend, you probably noticed the unhealthy air they left behind public firework shows might have been canceled this year because of Cove in 19 that did not stop people from across Southern California, using the traditional celebration and pollution that comes with all of its TCW's Kelly Wells has the details. Skies are rarely clear on July 5th in Los Angeles, but the South Coast Air Quality Management District told the Times that 2020 was among our most polluted Independence Day celebrations yet Usually much of the region's air quality gets up into the very unhealthy range. But this year it reached hazardous, which is a Q M..

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