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I'm Kevin Western Super Bowl 55 is underway. 5 11 to go in the opening quarter. We are scoreless between the Chiefs and the tip of a Buccaneers. Kansas City is on its second, Dr. They have just fallen short of the end zone. And maybe you feel ago. Maybe not. Each team had one first down entering this drive for the Chiefs. Understand He got the run game going. They've already rushed seven times for 39 yards. Patrick Mahomes, one of five for just three yards in the air time birdie's been sacked. He is two completions. Tip has got one first down. Little bit of a feeling out process kind of like a heavyweight fight in the early going chiefs and lining up for a 49 yard field goal by Harrison Dr six trying to go in the opening quarter. If you're curious, According to Caesar's William Hill, the line closed Kansas City minus three with a total of 56. If you have a field goal is a prop bet for the first score. Harassing bunkers. 49 Yard field goal is good. All around of the waste management Phoenix Open. Brooks kept up 19 under par, picks up his eighth career PGA Tour wins. Six of his eight victories have come three tournaments. PGA Championship. The U. S Open and in Scottsdale, Arizona. NBA this afternoon. Sacramental makes it seven of eight since January, 22nd and I've got the Clippers won 13 1 10 Phoenix for the 191 victory over the Boston Celtics, Miami where they won or 93 win over the New York Knicks heat to game winning streak. We're back on Monday and reacting to Super Bowl 55. I'll tell you why the Chiefs are going to repeat as champions. It has to do with one really talented quarterback. Tee shot, J Will and Zubin Monday six Eastern on ESPN radio. Each in your morning sports fix Captain Jay Hood on ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for Sports. It's super prime time on ESPN radio. What does it state If that's the question? The answer is everything can get video outstanding, too, And it's hard to pick against. You don't grow betting against Tom Brady. I think you could win this game. If you've been fucking his defense between the 20. I think you win this game in the red zone along the times that we have said You can't compare players from different eras. This'll is the closest we're ever going to get Now alongside feel Yates and Super Bowl winning linebacker Markers leg here's Elissa Lang. We have points on the board people. Kansas City Chiefs are officially up three to nothing over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Oh, look like.

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