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Hundred thirteen thousand people around the world have died of cold at nineteen worldwide the virus has infected more than one point eight million people almost five hundred fifty thousand in the U. S. have been diagnosed more than twenty one thousand have died the U. S. leads the world in the number of coronavirus deaths the nation's top infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci says the country is turning a corner in terms of hospitalizations and then later intimations that part of this machine that drives this outbreak is starting to level off because on the same day that the New York metropolitan area had the highest number of deaths they had that not only is flat and it's starting to turn the corner now she says they don't want to be premature easing up those social distancing orders but says some cities may be able to get back to work by as early as next month a special envoy in the world to the World Health Organization says global leaders must work together the battle against the corona virus every community has a condo defensive shield can pick up cases as soon as they appear isolate them and stop outbreaks from developing Dr Dave Navarro said the W. H. O. has to rely on the information given to them by different governments that borrow said he hopes the world's leaders will continue to work together and trust the work the W. H. O. is doing New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins is telling African Americans to take the coronavirus seriously damages room and the damage that is left in the wake of the corona virus is relies mostly in our communities that policy institutional neglect in overexposure placed us disproportionately in arm's reach of the dangers of this deadly virus he tweeted a video message saying African Americans are the most impact that you have the resources are not being invested in them he says African Americans cannot wait for a government that has never prioritize them a pork processing plant in Sioux falls South Dakota has been closed because almost three hundred people who work there have been diagnosed with a corona virus the CEO of Smithfield foods says closing the plant and other shutdowns in the industry could have severe repercussions in the meat supply chain for a map.

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