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On this twelfth day of march six minutes past the hour new this morning a woman who had been the legal guardian of a former soldier who killed three employees at a veterans treatment center in california says he was calm and softspoken but had a hard time readjusting to life after his deployment in afghanistan since he share told the san francisco chronicle that she and her husband were albert wong's legal guardians for a time when he was a child this after his father died in his mother developed health problems wong opened fire at the pathway home on friday he was found dead following the hours long standoff the embassy be one for finger david free incident ludi lin unfortunately made the discovery of treated humanely meals tragedies like to take a quick wallet britain's missile responding now fears demi of self ashley knowing he did on going to leave involved shots fired an exchange of gunfire with suspect if your credit area immediately suspect suspects like all sold express my oh god county together under many many hours living on her to open worth it i'd also like to say and if you tell the suspect vehicle the core feeling threatened larr leading bad boss dog to bar and give back to the positive result said besieged slots she and her explosive ordinance dan henning clearly lauren bringing seen embarrassing interests no credit meanwhile a spokesperson for that veterans facility says it may never reopened patients have been moved and officials are now reviewing security protocols now the white house has unveiled a new plan to provide school shootings had backs off of president trump's support for increasing the minimum age for purchasing rifles to twenty one now rifles like the hey fifteen instead a new federal commission on school safety will examine the age issue as part of a package the white house announced sunday it's in response to the shooting in parkland florida the administration also pledged to help states pay for firearms training for teachers and reiterated its call to improve the background check and mental health systems the united kingdom health officials are asking patrons of a restaurant in a club in england to wash their belongings after traces of can nation were found linked to the poisoning of a russian expert by and his daughter chief medical officer dame sally davies says the move is precautionary i want to reassure the general public that the.

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