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People people take away is the is that one detrimental thing as a result of the engineering solution yeah i'm mean on the apple thing we have congress holding hearings and it's like look you know you can knock apple for making the battery hard to replace that's a totally legitimate criticism or how they communicated this or sort of being cavalier in how they assume they know what's best for the consumer all three of those are valid criticisms it is not the case that apple was intentionally slowing down iphones like that's not really what was going on with this nobody was histories alatas in act like they are so confident when they make must either i mean like the project an aura of invincibility incompetence in when it's like lots of things have been badly designed from tarpley tragic like the old ring to just basic well here's the right does become a communication issue we saw its with samsung as wolomin simpson was really slow to issue formal recalls and communicate properly about what is going on with their overheating and fiery battery you in the good hands is now not communicating very well it's still unclear whether or not until just doesn't have the same information is microsoft or whether intel is you know is bluffing a little bit because ultimately this could come down on them same with apple like like you said he in it's not necessarily like yeah let's try to iphones and make everyone rushed to the store on that friday when is so they can buy new ones but it's like we did this tricky engineering thing uh in order to compensate for aging batteries all your devices but we didn't really communicate that rate okay next when lauren liz nasty weeks one of our loyal listeners thinks reading and all the time liz i'll ask the obvious what does this implies for tech like selfdriving.

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