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The government which of course is located online at facebookcom french and friends bolger i'm really excited to have this talk coming up here in just a second would you like another man a bill though mojo get on the radio repeat it bob ford how are you sir pleasure to be here bush abuse chicago in gaza service here i'm really i'm really pleased to have this conversation that voice you heard right there was a friend of mine who just passed a couple of years ago a marine sergeant jeffrey galt who did two tours in vietnam he was one of the first people who really believed in me and talk radio's we're gonna this little station down in new orleans 5 o'clock in the morning five to six we're up against the big station nobody was really listening to me but sarge was listening to me and we made good friends in one of the first things he made me learn was alpher bravo bravo delta at go so on and so forth yeah the catholic exactly he insisted that i learned that and i befriended him and he was in a tremendous pain dayin dayout okay he was at way we're gonna talk about wage just a minute and just you know he he would soothe pain with alcohol and depending on how much we had he would give me various stories about what he had endured in vietnam then he would showed me how she'll be how to use his kit and use the kbar one night one night he showed me a little too intently how to use the kbar terrified me but i forgave him but he he told me about some handtohand combat that he had done and it would never leave him now that is a different situation the than bob board my guest who are welcome ah warmly right now a veteran or the united states army are huey uh one aircraft commander he.

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