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In saving commercials is already after they pretend to show them shaving but then they just focus on their shiny because they deemed hair body hair to be unattractive so this is the first razor company that's actually showing real hair on women i'm fine without it i am fine with the after i don't know if i need to see the shaving i don't really care either way to raise their way you i'm watching it now and i'm totally fine i don't care if there's hair or not here in the commercials the only thing i have a problem with is the close up of the razor with the heron it afterwards that you would i'm fine fine with the harry just don't want to see the wet hair in the race i don't the words i don't mind harry legs like if you're if someone's shaving harry i don't care about that but the armpits can't handle i think there should be an episode of the bachelorette where the bachelor shaves her legs there was one the season where they is fine he they painted her toes they didn't do any leg saving i don't think i would want a guy to shave my leg i don't trust them to be careful enough to not so yeah i agree with that i haven't tried it but legs are not straight they've got curves to them and now i've got too many razor nightmares i don't want to become no thanks i tried to teach lewis poaching egg last night it was disaster there's no way i'm gonna let him shave really anybody ever shave your legs no i like to do it myself asking unless you wanna you wanna take a wack at it we can would actually take a literal whack at it say goodbye to give me a break please come on weather and travel information lot of heavy rain a lot of flooding all the way from houston up into the ohio river valley this week is hot humid and wet and so there are people were thinking okay where's the hurricane season because it is time we had one earlier i think on wednesday almost six inches of rain at hobby airport and so that closed the airport down for a while and there's a there's a when you go into places like houston because of the hurricanes there's a fear the it's almost calculated into the residents there because they were so affected by these hurricanes and so now they hear the story about these big storms coming in but if you live close especially in that area the gulf coast you live close to the water you might as well count on getting washed away with regularity that's just the way it is and the insurance companies more and more saying the federal government also saying we're not gonna keep replacing these homes and it may not even be in a hurricane it could be we had here where i am last thursday we had three and a half inches of rain in four and a half hours it just poured and i ruined twenty grade bales of round hey that's me fifteen hundred bucks because we couldn't get into the field and get out fast enough and that's what happens that the people measure it by what's going on on the farm but in terms of traveling who'd go to houston on vacation anybody here want to go to houston and i'm not saying i'm not taking a shot at texas but why would you go to houston for vacation it's hot as you go to any major city though yeah that's a point i i live in new york city i wonder all the time like why are people here in different i'll tell you a great city frame vacation go to visit or take a vacation but when i go visit i found when i was travelling and visiting stations that it was on all around the country seattle is favorite stops as somebody seattle that is just fascinated great city boston those are the best north west you get up into vancouver as well victoria british columbia absolutely magnificent areas to go but if you're somewhere else in texas and you want to go to a city why wouldn't you go to dallas or houston i don't have an answer to that i don't even know couldn't even go to houston i'm sure there's plenty of reasons why people would with other than the bush library the presidential library i don't.

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