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Butcher sean flynn kristen. Harare christopher massey alexis nicolas erin sanders. Matthew underwood victoria justice an austin butler and actually some musical composers which is pretty interesting is actually britney spears herself christian karlsson pontus wynberg and henrik john beck and the opening theme was actually jamie lynn. Spears singing the song. Follow me and with us when we found out like. Hey she's not just britney spears younger sister anymore this is her coming into her own and there was actually rumors that they might have been a might be is always wanna one spinoff. Not sure if that's confirmed yet and there was a number four seasons as well for this show with of like sixty one episodes one of the main executive producers. Was dan schneider and again. The production company was shiners bakery again. Just like victorious. We had apollo pro movie. Nickelodeon productions and dolphin enter statement. The original network of force is nickelodeon and the plot basically for this. Tv show from never heard of it. Before is how zoey brooks basically had a brother ning dustin and then is all about her friends who basically attended school called. Pca and that was literally like all you talked about literally almost every episode because of how much they loved going to school there and it was in southern california and it was actually initially filmed at a university. Called pepperdine in malibu california and then some stages were in valencia california actually beginning in season three when they did this but it's a it was a very outstanding children's program that was actually said and they wanna emmys two thousand and five for him and it was actually one of the most expensive production sary's to ever been shot For when it comes to nickelodeon that's how much the show. I feel like to see taken on for decades and decades because it's one of the most high rates sexual shows that actually ever happened. I feel like it was very realistic and best kind of what people wanted like. Some people want to go to school and be with their friends all the time. They kind of relate to that show and the actual rule drama among the show too was very popular. And there's like several soundtracks and video games that are actually based on the series but they have also been produced released and the series of ocean ended in production in august seven after shooting..

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