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Hype hypothetical world right now you still do it it's it's so hard to talk about hypothetical so right shirley tip charlie gave that hey chevy you know you can i said well how about this this will bring back memories jeeves jeeves that actually existed ask jeeves actually it's it was engine of all every time ever in they had they might have been worse but lycos and ask jeeves were to ask you still thing man ask jeeves redirects to ask that guy dot com but let me see if it works is funny jeffey let's see what happened to oh jeffey no yeah look at that man we're getting results about you know actually nothing yeah because ask jeeves sucks remember when you had to carry a pager you remember those days jeffey right do pagers or a a phone and an ipod now i mean there's a really kind of obsolete now right really yeah because you can use what's good because i tell you what it's good for four parents that don't want their children to have phones oh yeah you can use them and they can still have internet access limited and you could they can still chat and have ele but they don't have access to the phone internet that's that's a good point all right triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three let me tell you if you have allergies in your home or you're getting sick a lot during this winter season as we head into spring there's something really good that you can do to help the air in your house from circulating around all the pollen all the dust all the mold all things that aggravate alary allergies and make you sick it's filtered by dot com oh filter by has over six hundred different sizes and if you've got some kind of usual size they can custom make one for you to then they ship them to your home for free within twenty four hours so it's really fast and everything's manufactured right here in america i love that great american company that offers you all kinds of merv options all the way up to hospital grade so you know that it's going to remove the pollen and the dust and the mold from your air in.

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