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Happens live. Your beloved nicks are 11 and 11, 16th in offense, 19th in defense, and you know tibs is just straight up grouchy right now about the refs about the defense about probably about the weather about the food he eats, whatever. He's just grouchy. Oh, one of their feet writers say two minute postgame press conference. Quickest one all year, I went out. Yeah, they got to turn those court side mics down in some of these arenas because I'm starting to hear the tips chatter and it's a great time. This is your team Long Island and Jersey Shore's Doris Burke. This is your team. What's the temperature take from you? Well, first of all, my heart heard for Kemba Walker. You know, I have had some best moments, you know. Brennan show a Dave passion I called that run through the biggie's finals. But to me, there were signs of this in Orlando. That was the first time in my life. I'm like, oh boy, you know, can Kemba be kembo? Can he be the guy of a high screen and roll quick into the three point shooting had worked because. Steve Clifford had said you're not going to be successful in this league unless you get consistent from the three pace of price becomes an all star, so that I thought it was the right decision. You know, they feel like they're more switchable, they're bigger, Alec Burks, a little bit more defensive versatility. I'm going to ask you a couple questions. First and foremost, you know, they make the moves get better offensively. Is it me or does it feel like they're getting less consistent focus from Julius or art? I don't know, they feel different defensively. I think we knew they would because they tried to change to a more offensively balanced team. I don't know, I just feel different to me, defensively. I don't know that there is locked in that there is the consistent grinding effort on that side of the floor. Accurate inaccurate. Accurate. I think Randall has been worse, he's been back cut a lot this year and last night, Derek Jones got a baseline out of bounds dunk on him when he just wasn't paying attention. He was quote unquote blitzing, pick and rolls last night, but just sort of standing around doing nothing, not rotating with urgency. He had the best defense of season in his career last year. He's back slid a little bit this year. I think Robinson has just been inconsistent and their centers aren't rebounding. And I think one of the reasons if you ask Tim's why Burke's because I do think Burke's fournier Barrett, it's not quite enough playmaking around Randall, which leads to Randall doing too much Randle ball. But I think part of the reason is rebounding Burke's is a good rebounder. The rest of their guards are bad rebounders. And fournier, look, I thought the fournier signing was fine. I liked it, but I did say I've said this about him in fournier a lot. I look at the numbers, he's up to 39.5% from three. I just never have he's always had this thing in his career and I've said this a lot. This is a new, where I look at the numbers and I watch the games. I just I don't I don't feel that he's impacting the game at a level that fits his numbers part of the reason is he's not as good. He looks like a good playmaker and then you're like, oh, he's averaging 1.6 assists again. He's just not, you just don't feel him. And they're just so dependent when Derek rose comes in the game. There are completely different teams because suddenly someone could get to the basket. They're plus ten with rows on the floor and minus ten with rows off the floor per 100 possessions. They can't start him. They can't play them too much because he'll wear down, but they just feel a little scarily dependent on Derek rose right now to me. Yeah, and it's interesting. And listen, there are never one thing. And look at Julius, you know, from 24 points per game down to 19. Rebounding on par, assist down almost a full one. Effective field goal percentage way down, three point percentage way down, still taken about the same amount. You know, he made 2.3 or 5.53 pointers last year. 41.1% unbelievable. Now 1.85 .4 to jump shot did not hold up in the playoffs. And now it's not holding up this year. RJ Barrett, very similar story, actually taking more threes per game this year, 4.3 last year, 5 at an 8 percentage point dip. So I think there's a lot going on and talked about it himself. He said, I didn't like the direction my team was trending. We needed to make changes. And he did. You know, the question and you, when we were fleshing out ideas for this podcast, you know, one of the things we you mentioned, and you can look up and down the whole standings and see the number of teams within one or two of 500. Have to leave is within one or 205 hundred. Look at the west, 11 and 9 Dallas 12 and ten Memphis 12 and 11 Lakers 11 and 11 clippers 1111 wolves 11 and 12 blazers ten and 11 nuggets, old conference. 11 and 11 sixers 1111 nicks, 1311 hornets, 12 and ten Celtics on and on and on. What reason for optimism? Let's get off in a very good positive note. What's the thing that should give Nick spans hope. I think well, I can think of a few. I think Barrett's shooting was real. And I think so I think Barrett, who was out last night against the bulls with an illness, I think he'll rebound shooting wise. Look, I think the offense has been a little scattershot 16th how much better can it get? Maybe a little bit. 19th on defense, I do think this team is gonna have a stretch where just by force of will top down will. Tips down will. They're gonna dig in and start flying around and have a 15 game stretch where they look like they did last season defensively. And your point is well taken because Mike green on a game earlier, we were discussing the Knicks we weren't covering the Knicks but we were in the pre game situation waiting for people and he did say, remember, the next didn't start out well defensively. There was what you just said a stretch. You got a Christmas tree behind you. You gotta decorate that thing, DB. It's time. It's empty. It's bear. It's a minor miracle that it went up prior to the trip out to San Francisco. The holidays are like just joy to me. So minus up and I'll probably decorate it. Well, you said the word joy. I wish you joy with your family on the holidays. And one joy thing and I'm not saying I said this to you in person. I was in Los Angeles, my first trip to LA this season, I think it was opening week of the season and I didn't because I'm so clueless, I didn't realize that we had the Lakers game.

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