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This week on the weather. Geeks podcast, we go to the bottom of the earth Antarctica, a white desert covered in snow and ice. But did, you know plant an algae make up an underwater forest at its edges, and that these plants can be used to develop drugs to help with cancer and the flu Dr James McLintock from the university of Alabama Birmingham joins us to discuss. Why studying this part of the world is important. And why so many people are making the trip down to Antarctica to learn more about the region and experienced climate change inaction. Thank you for joining us. I'm Dr Marshall shepherd from the university of Georgia. It's a pleasure. Well, let's just dive right in first of all welcome over to Atlanta. We're talking about some really interesting topics today. You you go to an Arctic. So as we are actually talking about this. We're in may. So it's the other side of the seasonal calendar there. So what is it? There in are there people there in an article right now. Well, the equivalent to may and Antarctica would be sort of mid fall right now, my colleagues Chuck and Maggie Adams there in three of our our students are down there right now. Winter is coming on. I can tell you because I've been down there this time year that getting light about ten in the morning. It's getting dark about three in the afternoon and from emails and keeping in touch with my group. I know that they've had days where they just, you know, can't get outside there, the winds blowing, but the weather does pick up every now and then and perk up for going out and getting into the field and scuba diving and doing all the kinds of things that are marine ecology research is involved in. And let me just kind of set the stage for who you are for for our listeners, you're at the UAB polar and marine biology endowed. Professor the author of lost and Artika and a new book a naturalist ghost fishing. That's right. We'll talk about both of those today, and you're going to be honored in June. Then in Davos with the scar.

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