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What's going on everybody? I'm DJ six fifty. Here's what you need to know. March is known as the month of man is treated some great games tonight in the elite eight we'll start off with Virginia. And Purdue it went all the way down to the wire, it looks like Purdue was going to be just fine. And then this happened. Secondly. Trouble. Short. Second second. The call from Westwood One. The Akita send it to overtime. Carson Edwards had the game of his life, forty two points. But it wasn't enough. Pre-poll? Eighty to seventy five. Cavaliers. Virginia after losing to a sixteenth seed last year, he goes to the final four for the first time since nineteen Eighty-four four Virginia beats Purdue eighty to seventy five Texas Tech. They'll be going to the final four for the first time as well. Red raiders over Gonzaga seventy five sixty nine tech lost a year ago to Villanova in the get the job done this year, women's college basketball. Notre Dame is back in the elite eight with eighty seven to eighty win failure in Stanford. Also in the elite eight with wins earlier today. We've got reaction to the final four and my title team pick for the NCAA championship that more Monday will Cain show weekdays at three eastern on ESPN radio the ESPN app ESPN..

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