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Game. And and anybody who said it was too long now now right now. Don't tell me. It was too long in the playoffs. October baseball. We've been lucky. There's a ton of that. That has happened last twenty plus years. Do you have some favorite games. This is the cliche. Sports question favored games. That you attended or a part of our fash fifth down game. Which i hated but i was there and i remember arguing with my pal and your pal doug meadows We were sitting there talking about v down so that certainly sticks out. The kurt remember sitting alone watson gibson home run but there are just so many of those moments and i was in quincy Win team usa. I'd never watched a hockey game in my life team. Usa beaten the russians. And i felt a certain pride about that. Even though i couldn't explain to you until maybe a couple of years ago So yeah there's gosh there. And i also have enormous pain and most of my pain is associated with one man. His name is tom watson when he would lose. I would feel crummy for days when he would win. I was euphoric but it's kind of like gambling. I found out that the winning isn't merely as great as the losing is hurtful to me so he was your guy because he was kansas city. That's the only reason martin. That's it he was up and coming back in the middle seventies. When i started really fallen in love with golf. He was a guy who could play with jack. Nicholson beat him and all the other guys and there are some great golfers there but he was from kansas city. So i knew he was in. I y payne stewart. I'd known about pain since seventy two because springfield news leader covered him and so i knew he was great. We have kim branson beeping. Stuart didn't give a damn about golf. He'd go out with a five iron and shoot even par with that club but then he wound up playing Pain i think he was a sophomore. Junior beat him in the state championship. Thought damn says a pretty good. But watson was my guy and i got deeply into him and to golf and i still and he had a lot of high moment just when he would lose. They were pretty painful. The nature golf is. You're gonna lose far more times win. It's like hitting your on a huge success if you fail seven times out of ten golf you're not gonna win much. He won plenty but still you look at his record. I think he's probably one forty thirty. Nine pg tournaments forty pg tournaments right around there couple more around the world seniors stores. But he's not those majors and what he did in. Those majors was cool. Turnberry with nicholas pebble beach chip in the thing is though and this goes back to remembering a bad things over good. I can remember crummy shots at. He hid far more vividly than i remember. Great moments is so. You're going to play some golf. I suspect what else you i'm gonna so what. What are you excited about this next chapter. Yeah i think so. I've got plans in my head. I I i'm a little timid about bringing them forward just in case i just think back to fan shows that you're telling no no i'm not doing a podcast telling me i'm not doing podcasts. With the i'm not doing that I would like to play my guitar in a bar and see if i could make a little money on the side. I think i'd like to. It'd be great fun i would love to and you got the name. People know you can sing and entertain. I can sing. I don't know that i can play guitar. Well enough and my style of singing may not be conducive to We'll see conducive to plan. I am more vocal I don't i don't have a real country twang. I'd folks maybe folks. I hope folks folksy works. i think. But i'm i'm a little. I'm i'm great with church songs. Hell ever while. I think i sang it. Every wedding. and branson from about nineteen seventy three to nineteen seventy seven. I don't think we're winning went by that. I didn't sing it. You realize we just broke some news. This'll be the all the other shit we talked about. I'll give rich school. Says he's picking up guitar and hitting the road the headline gonna try. I'm to see if i can get it down. The bad thing though is i can't remember the lyrics to any song can play a bunch of them but actually remembering the lyrics to songs. Forget it so. I'm going to have to have one of those. Music stands at a book with my head in the book and it just looks crummy when you sign off for the last time. Will it be good bye. Good people always logan people. You know where i got. That as much as watson is a hero of mine. Robert redford is equal to or greater than tom watson. He is my movie and the movie the great waldo pepper. He plays waldo pepper. And he'd get out there with a big smile as he was flying. Those won't barnstorming planes and go. Hello good people nobody else see in it and not that many people saw that movie. Probably everyone's going to google waldo pepper. Good let them and watch the movie. I loved it so the new weather guys named waldo pepper. Is that right. So i am That's what i said that. I the only time i say it's on sunday. Night will rich. It's been a lot of fun i would describing you to people. i'd say. richest a hoot. He likes to have fun folksy guitar stories. If if there's anything. I would tell people about this business which i don't know if it's gonna last much longer it's to have fun there Of people in this game that take it way too seriously. I mean who gives a shit rich guys out there playing ball. I i enjoy the competition. But i don't care how much money molina makes sure as hell member going to worry about some sort of contract negotiation. That tarasenko has coming up. I just don't care get out there. Put a uniform avi scores. You cheer. that's what's fom. How about that at the very end. Little deep t.'s. Local rich might be out there. Donal sing a little performing around. Could see him. I could see that being a thing you know. Maybe a bar on mainstream saint charles than couple nights. Later down on sue lard. I just. I think this might be a good second act for uncle rich. I'd forgotten about him doing bragging rights games. He is eddie Fascinating life to say the least. We wish rich. The best in retirement kilcoyne conversation as always presented by marie davila senior. Living great folks out there waiting for those fountains to go from red blue for some blues hockey always fast. If great people virtual tour at marie davila dot com b and g. Tuck pointing is the best in the briggs. It's real simple. Make the home look new again. Bg tuck pointing dot com. Where you get more information and try at bank soon to have a second location over on olive. So you'll be seeing more of them. It's just a great saint louis company triad bank apply it's discounters via appliance. Discounters dot com. Also all the great showrooms around town. It's real simple. They get all of these appliances. The biggest names the best brands and they sell them to you at the lowest price. 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