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I truly deeply love Parni because they're that good. All right, onto Arianna Guerande. So I'm just first of all, not shocked that they split. I'm shocked that I saw your fucking land as tweet some bullshit on Twitter that I was not right because straight out the gate, I was right. You're right about nothing. What are you talking about? What are you write about? Only right about everything. I was saying about Arianna grounding and Pete Davidson everything because they broke up. Yeah, you think because you broke up, you're right about the things that you said to podcasts ago? Yes. You think you're a thousand. Percent. That's laughable. That's utterly Labuan an insensitive jerk two weeks ago. Everybody's agree with me that I was right. No one's agreeing with one one is your trolls on your sick of fan. Instagram come on. Give me a break up play every call, and by the way we take it a couple of calls that do agree with you and we'll judge their intelligence, listen to these calls, but I'm telling, you know everyone people are still very upset with you and your tone for two weeks ago. I was rushed saying you saw this coming out. I mean, it's like saying, I think the sun's gonna come up tomorrow. They got engaged after three weeks. Of course they broke, no, there's more evidence. There's no, there's more to it than that. The fact that they broke up, she realized my concern, how do you know he realize? All right, then why the hell did she break up with him? Because everything he didn't break up with her according to every single report I have read today, she dumped him. Why else would she up with dump him? If. She did not think he was not a good fit for her because they went to fast too quickly, and it's logical, no. Then let this thing come over them. Bullshit. Look at Kelly Ripa. I'm Mark. There's many people that go to fast too quickly, and they work out Kelly and Mark were married long before either. One of them were famous number one. I happen to know this. They got married when she was on a soap opera was nobody and ham, too, by the way, not before she was Kelly Ripa. So bad example, number one, you gotta find someone that's the biggest pop star to America that got engaged like three weeks later, maybe an ally jaylo or something I can tell you about that too. Bottom line is we saw this coming, but that doesn't excuse your behavior and your front door. That's why we full tooted. We have. L. it's why it we got week. You're a maniac, but continue, what do we know in? Tell me what we know what's new. All right. Well, we know that our must be listening to the podcast because this was not a cited overnight thing according to reports. This has been at least a few weeks in the making, even though they were spotted together status, they night at SNL, but there's so many fascinating things to me. They were spotted together Saturday night at SNL. They were engaged in PDA. There. People saw them holding hands and kissing. They broke up Sunday and then poof, Ariana's team or Arianna herself leak. That news. Okay..

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