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Like because david says is you're all over the place. So what's a typical day in the life of dolores. Well it's different now. So i just throw all the way had a carpet nearby job. All the way to confessionals. Now i'm back here and it's been a peaceful here because i'm so far away but a day in my life is from the minute i put my feet on the ground 'til night. I don't stop constant phone calls causing social media constant running around. I just always something. My life has never been simple. Do i like to work out. Not that much joy. I joined the gym down high. I was working at my surgery now. I just wanted to die right now. Is the pants like crazy. But i don't like to say. I'm not a homebody i never was so there's always always something to do a meeting in the city a podcast was but like i said cole bid kinda screwed everything up. A full pre kobe. An apartment in the city so cute i was going to red carpets. I will walk in a room with a thousand people by myself. Sit at a table event by myself next to like think hedge fund people people. I used to read about that. I never think. I know the out to dinner with them. I mean that's the lightbulb. Starting for myself. I loved it and not everybody's gonna tolerate that either f why Be super secure and independent themselves totally so it looks like he found the right fit for us. That's amazing for now for now. So how is he feeling about the recent procedures you've had done. Don't even ask. I told him instead of telling the day before it was for. Plastic surgery told them three days before he goes. Are you serious note i. He opened up the conversation he goes. So when's your next. Plastic surgery idol In three days. Well now that you know sir we were getting along so why. I want to bring it up. He goes no star now. No that's not true. I well what are you doing. Thi- list. I told him everything was getting. But if the china because he's just like you shouldn't touch your genitals hold on that one. Now here's the one is dan he's like you don't want to see right now. It's not ready once failure favorite procedure you've had done and are there that you regret. I regret nothing. Saying i find the best doctors i go to the best doctors. Yeah i regret not one. Thank god because if you regretted surgery that means you need it fixed and you better have the money. Had a revision doesn't always take so. Yeah my tummy. Tuck was big surgery. Huge and i love it. You gotta live up the scar you know. Yeah and it's good scar but it's still gonna show bathing suits like i'm thinking about on a miami next week so while you look good in a bathing suit from what we've seen on the show. So what whatever you got another thing. I've never been keen on the show like i. I usually cover myself up. And theresa just made me get look looked. god. I love thank already now. Yes for fifty k. More how can i mean. Yeah you're like bronx crush so a hear me say that just looked like i decided my girl cuting. Yeah so so that of cardi though. It's akilah osh has she ever. Have you ever seen her that. Not that bad she shit and puked all over her husband's ferrara. Oh my god i mean. She was dated up delores. I was had diarrhea walnut leg. It was bad he took care of her. He's a mad. Yeah good man. Bill aid is a very good man. I liked the first season on the show. You didn't really get to know him that well but the more that he's been on it. I just like him more and more each season you get to see so much more of his personality and he just seems like a really great guy and husband. I'm as an amazing husband. And i'll tell you what i like about him one word. He's loyal sahar. He is so loyal. And i mean lyle in the way that no one can talk about her. No matter how wrong she is he her back. You know whatever she wants. Those guys will do that for you. Guys will money will do that for you. But they will be loyal to. They'll be like i i pay you. Shut your mouth But he's like you are my equal. You've had my five kids. I don't want your job. Your job is harder than mine. And i give that man a lot of chris. Anyone who thinks like doing this type of job as easy. It's like try it. Yeah you know it's like not. There's nothing normal about it. First of all like your private life publicly there really is nothing private and then getting judged for it and then having to watch it back and then making up with someone and breaking up with someone and just like all of these things you have to relive. There's literally nothing normal about it. At this she reliving it and then everybody gets them so with each other gonna know because then you see what people are saying behind your back and it's just like all over again this vicious cycle and i think people look at us in just think like. Oh they're on. tv they're rich. They're famous they have such an easy life. And it's like there's there's nothing easy about doing what we do but i mean i do it because i want to put myself out there that if my story can help one person know that they're not alone in these struggles than i feel like. I'm literally doing the job. I'm getting paid to deal. And that's why it's not always easy. No no. it's not for you. Dolores you say that your old school so to me that means private. And so how do you navigate that with being on reality and was that maybe it hesitation for you to even get involved in reality to begin with. I'm not spontaneous. It was spontaneous. Say yes in china head gut feeling the fact that right so just like i said it wasn't the time. Is it hard for me. I know what i signed up for. I do you know what's a little bit easier guy. I've lived a pretty clean life. And i know that if something comes up you better own it. There's no way around it. There's nothing so privacy. Here's what's hard for me. The people that like david. It's very hard for him. Does it for me. It's a struggle for him as you seize uncomfortable in front of the camera. I don't wanna burn the people in my life. It's my thing that i decided to do. I know exactly what. I'm doing exactly what i signed up for but i love it. I do love it. Sometimes i hate it. Sometimes i sleep. Sometimes you wish your so nervous. Sometimes even on podcast if i said something like oh god here we go to get that one. Little thing It's going to be on every Now may get a phone call here. We go but i again like. I said nothing surprise. I know what signed up. Yeah there's certain people when to this day. When i see their name pop on my phone and my what did i do wrong. What am i gonna trouble for like. I just get that pit in my stomach feeling. Because i'm like it's just like yeah. So yeah so like old school in a lot of my principals in the things that i do and say but and like what i led by..

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