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Drop off the dry cleaning pick up some milk figure out something to get out of the house so i can relax here's an idea let's add save hundreds of dollars on car insurance now the good thing you'll have to drop off or pick up anything all you have to do is go to geico com and fifty minutes you could be saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance do you like extra money in your pocket do you like not having a dry somewhere to pick something up this is a way to do it hit just may be the most rewarding thing on your todo list today that's geico dot com fatty where people come from uh well of my like sex toy oh well you see um with there's a mommy and a doughty great threat ends see when they call geico uh they could save a bunch of money on car insurance ovarian van some happy yes that make them very happy fats yeah well i'm glad we can have this talk sunshine gaiko because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer james lofton on short notice answered fruit sees a text message and a james the hall of famer joining us now working for cbs this upcoming season hall of fame wide receiver james thanks for joining us on short notice we appreciate that thanks for having me i'm glad you guys didn't lose my phone number no no no even though you went up big time now doing cska us look at you we love it all right as a wide receiver what did you see on a hit two odell beckham junior.

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