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And we've seen krino boost. This ceiling isn't as high as some of these other next jenner's particularly when you're not on a clay court but you know if if the raf was hold on roland garros is broken. We all thought dominant team might be the heir-apparent maybe novak djokovic sneaks out a couple more at roland-garros as well but if it's going to happen four the lost generation. Maybe the best shot is public arena boost At the two thousand twenty two french open now not naming him a favourite. I'm not even saying it's likely to happen. But you look at that loss. Jansher a healthy range. Would we like him at wimbledon. Maybe but for karina busa again. We've seen him compete. Make the finals of grand slam before you look for him in his career criminal. Busa a ton of success on the clay courts. He's i believe three hundred ten and one fifty to sixty seven percent win percentage. That's better than his sixty four percent for his career at the point being the injuries to dimitrov the injuries to ranch the injuries to jack sock and while he's rising near you know returning somewhat to form he's not at winning grand slam title form not even close to at the guy who's probably closest is pablo crane boosted the metric suggest as much. The recent results suggest as much. I don't know if that's a good thing for the loss jen. But that's certainly where we're at at this point in twenty twenty one season of course one of the questions. We always ask as tennis fans who will be that next player to capture their maiden grand slam singles title. We've been so fortunate to be treated to so many of late on the women's side in particular naomi osaka bianca and rescue sonya cannon iga xiangtang of course most recently we saw barbara crunchy cova. Capture heard meeting grand slam. Singles title emphasized maiden singles title. Because we'd seen her do it in doubles before. But she captures that title at roland. Garro she follows it up with a round of sixteen at wimbledon and while that pursuit of title number one is always the biggest story lines one of the most consequential storylines is how those grand slam champions follow up on their success. Are they able to meet the expectations. That come with winning. A major title in the case of barbara crunchy cova. The answer to that question has been an unequivocal. Yes you look for. Crunchy cova since the start of may and that dates back to before her french open title but she's twenty two into overall during that stretch of time has captured three titles in five events her only two losses ashleigh barty and ecosphere intech. In both of those instances bardy and beyond tech went onto win the tournament that they were playing simply put barbara crutcher. Cova has been since now for a sustained stretch of time. There's a reason. She has entered the conversation as one of the inlet players in the women's game. We're still curious what her upside exactly is going to be. But you look for barbara crutcher cova. She's a top ten server via whole percentage on tests abstracts leader Top twenty returner on tennis abstracts via their break percentage via their stats leaderboard. You look for her overall. That makes her one of eight players to rank in the top. Twenty in both hold and break percentage when i read that shortlist. That's the sort of quality of labour Player cova has been of late. She's with the sap. Elanca muga russa jabbour. That's your top fifteen club you add mertens soccer e bardi and crunchy cova. When you look at the top twenty club i would argue those have been your eight most consequential players over these last fifty two weeks of play new look for Cova she's fourth overall in wins over uh Since the tour resumed back in august. She's had success on hardcourt. She's had success on clay court. She's now had success on grass courts as well her game translates across surfaces. And you look at her. Run here this past week to the title in prague. She didn't drop a set on her way to that title. Now certainly draw opened up for her following the limitation of topsy. Patrick but a good straight set win for her over doubles partner. Katharina sin yaacob of look like that match in the final against martin. Sofa might get tricky. Trade holds in those first two games from their critic over cruises. She wants the next ten games in the match. She is clearly at twenty five years old playing the best tennis of her career in from a trajectory standpoint. That makes sense and look. She'd had a ton of double success early in her career. We weren't sure if that double success would translate to the singles but you look for her since the start of that twenty twenty season. I mentioned the fact. She's fifty one seventeen over the last fifty two. She's fifty nine and nineteen since the start of twenty twenty overall played a bunch of qualifying got into that australian open singles in twenty twenty and since then has really cruised again. Made that big breakthrough final. I believe it was in either dubai or dough. High knows one of the middle east events makes the final there on the hardcourts obviously wins the french open title good showing for her at wimbledon round of sixteen early summer hardcore title for her outdoors in prague. Her game just worse. She's a fluid athlete. No vulnerable weakness. There's no glaring thing you do to hurt cova. You just have to play consistent and high. I suppose low margin. High aggression. Tennis against your. That's a really really tough thing. To execute there may four or five players capable of doing it. There's a recent barbara crutch cova currently number two overall in twenty twenty one elo ratings ranked number eleven now that a career high for her in singles following this tidal in prague. But if you're asking the question how is she going to defend that grand slam title. Will she live up to the expectations. That come the demands that come from tennis fans after you win a major title. The answer has been yes. Twenty two in two since the start of may. When you're playing that good of tennis over a three month stretch you are absolutely doing something right. Barbara krejci cova ascending to her prime. Making the most of this postal garo stretch and just making the most again. The confidence that comes with winning a major title and speaking of capitalizing on their french open. Run tamara sedans. It makes the most other number one seed. She was given in the low. Send draw this past week. She ended up winning the title. Three three set victories again. It helps to have that sort of confidence to know you've got french. Open semi-final points to fall back on when you get pushed when you get down. Said she overcomes a set deficit in the final to knock off talented frenchwoman. Clara ralph three sets for her another. Wt title it's her second final here in two thousand twenty one. I title of the season but she's won a clay court title earlier in her career. Again just makes sense when you watch her game on the clay court her ability to move that ball around the court how comfortable she is as a mover sliding inter shots our ability to find the forehand when she's on the ads side of the court and then despite giving up all that open space on the deuce if you press her down the line that on the run forehand so impressive. You look for tomorrow's danza. She's up to new career. High of number thirty seven in the rankings. When you win wti title make another final. Make a slam semi filed those three results on their own. That's probably going to get you inside the top fifty and again a lot of these results have come on clay court. She seventy one and sixty one overall in her career on the w. t. level. You look for her on hard courts which is of course the portion of the year. We have coming up next. Tomorrow's dancing overall twenty one and thirty four so on the quicker surface.

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