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Station News Radio. Six ten WTVN President, Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are going to hold more talks the White House confirms that while in Helsinki Trump, agreed, to ongoing. Working-level dialogue between the two Security Council staffs president from, asked national security adviser John Bolton. To invite Putin to Washington, in the, fall and those discussions, are already underway Trump was widely criticized following his first meeting with Putin over perceptions that he gave up, too much ground. Over the issue of, Russian, interference, in the last election, Tom Roberts NBC News Radio President Trump also, sounding off on Federal Reserve plans continue raising interest rates in an interview set air on CNBC tomorrow Trump said he's not. Thrilled with the prospect of. Higher rates because it, could disrupt the economy the central Bank has. Race rates twice so far this year and, signal to more hikes for, likely in two thousand eighteen thirty six year old Eugene Robinson's, in the Franklin county jail for using, a laser pointer for nefarious purposes, he's accused of shining a laser edit Columbus, police helicopter on the southwest side. Overnight officers arrested him in, that, neighborhood, officials that John Glenn Columbus international airport. Also confirmed loss at least one pilot landing. A commercial flight there overnight also reported a laser being shine into a cockpit ABC six is Mike McCarthy says Robinson could also be facing federal, charges for, the incident authorities in licking county trying to. Figure out where over forty markers. Stolen from veterans graves belong police arrested Dustin Johnson last week and discovered the stolen grave markers all of which belong to deceased servicemembers Johnson minutes stealing them to, sell for For scrap and so they came from cemeteries in, Knox county sheriff's departments currently trying to return the markers to. The. Proper graves, of Ohio's mayors putting together a list of policy recommendations for the next governor mayors. Like Columbus Andrew ginther won five big items to help Ohio grow both of these leading candidates they wanna have more proactive partnership in growing developing and working with cities Cincinnati mayor John cranley says the local government funds should be. Prioritized he believes governor John casick, for a, spike in opioid related calls for paramedics that our firefighters. And police officers are dealing with overdoses, on, a daily basis that's number three on the list an office of drug policy the mayors also are requesting transportation task force and restructuring. State response to school district academic, distress at the state house Jared alad NewsRadio six ten WTVN Dublin police have, identified the victim of yesterday's homicide officers say fifty year old Dr Christopher Osborne was, found dead Wednesday morning in his home along and is, Shannon place by his wife officers had they're talking, to a person of interest At this point but so far no charges. Have been filed soon you'll be able. To say you bought a, car from Mark Wahlberg Hollywood actor and entrepreneur and his business. Partner, have bought Bobby layman Chevrolet on west broad street the dealership will, be renamed Walberg Chevrolet other than his movie credits while also known for his. Wall burgers chain of.

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