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My man kind of saline is on the line right now. Ashley are so pump to talk to you. Connor how you doing buddy. I'm good. What's up guys? But he did so good. We got a chat right now. as our listeners know I'm an Mesa Arizona we're getting ready for our very first world premiere of the Bachelor live on stage tour. But we'll be seeing you soon In Los Angeles Connor. How in the world did you end up getting asked to be the bachelor in La? Let me tell you this. I'll preface was saying the response has been outrageous. It's everybody's so excited for you. Oh look I am. I'm fired up I had a great experience on the show. And what better way to kind of keep that going live on stage where it all started back in. La I'm fired up you're known from Hannah ABC's of the Bachelorette You're seeing Kaelin. And then when after Whitney wants so dean came back into the picture connor you've experienced some disappointment from the show especially in paradise. How how are you going to navigate this to not experience? So much. Disappointment at Bachelor live on stage That's a good question Yeah I mean I think going through the other shows that a lot of ups and downs highs and lows and I think you learn from those experiences. I think it'll be a lot easier easier because I'm the one handing out roses So that'll make it wa easier for me but I think I've just learned a lot more about myself. And what I'm looking for in a partner and I think that'll help me a lot long way so as we prep hear them with over to actually to ask you a couple of questions as we prep here for batch live on stage. What's something that you're excited about? And what do you know about the show so far or any questions for me. UGH Well Yeah. I mean I'm fired up for the show I saw the The live thing on the straight hand and Sara show. That was awesome school to get a little glimpse into what it's GonNa be like Thinking Day Kind of those questions. That question Game Day look so much fun So I'm fired up for that excited to meet all the women that are going to be there It should be a really fun night which I'm excited for it. I think it takes a lot of the normal stress of the show and it's really just more centered around having a good time. I'm fired up for that. Juries for you water the or the fantasy suites like. There's definitely going to be fantasy suites. It's going to be wild connor. So here's what you know. Obviously fantasy suites. You can think about this. I don't WanNa give all the secrets away to the show because people have to come and experience it live on stage. But I'll tell you this just like fantasy. Suites are are meant during the show to be your first time in private kind of away from the cameras. It's the same concept on on the show. Really the fantasy suites are what you WANNA make it. There's no pressure to do anything right in but on the live on stage. It's your first time kinda getting separated from the audience. Even the audience is still able to witness. And that's how I'll leave it. It's it's crazy it's really well done and I think it will be that moment during join the live stage show where you can really start to invest into some of these people I gotcha. Yeah that's awesome won't be. It's not an appropriate though. Buddy I will tell you that you're gonNA still be the true gentleman that you consider yourself during it exactly. Yup You have any advice for me and handing out roses. Well I think this is a you know the bachelor live on. Stage was meant to be a thank. You loaded bachelor bachelor. Nation is supposed to be the first time the bachelor nation come in and be a part of this experience and watch it go down right in front of their faces so my advice would be yourself and you know and I I one. I'm so excited to hear from Ashley here but one of the things is be yourself Have Fun with it. It's one night to see if there's possible connection onstage onstage. And maybe then you can see if things flourished from then on out and we'll kind of follow your story after that but really it's just a good time to meet people in your your area to have fun with it and to see this whole concept of finding love in the public eye in front of the public. Just have fun. It's not gonNA IT LO- very low pressure Ashley. I gotta ask you when we announced Connor as our bachelor in Los Angeles People Flit like he like. I knew he's he's obviously a good good looking dude very smart well put together great guy. But when he was announced people went ecstatic for. I had no clue. There was so much which love for connor out there. These feel that I got an email connor from a girl that does publicity in Los Angeles and she was like. I know this is a long shot but if you have any way of helping me get on like connors casts during Bachelor live. Can you help me so I forwarded it to Ben and and then Ben said like I got you so who knows. This girl may be one of your ladies. There is definitely excitement. People are trying to get in Dan. My question is it's La but don't you live Texas. I live in Dallas But I heard that even if you do find a girl that you really like from here as long as you like earn enough your your down to make it long distance. Yeah absolutely that's I I. It's Kinda the same concept with the you're the main shows. Most those people live in different areas and he finds someone you connect with And you WANNA make it at work. You find a way to make it work. So we'll see we'll see what happens but I'm I'm looking forward to you and I'm I'm really honored to the Bachelor and I want to know well how you're going to do in front of a live audience versus a TV audience because like obviously a TV audience like they're not going to. They're judging you giving their feedback months later after the actions already done. I feel there's more pressure with a live audience. Are you gonNa let them sway Lael. Yeah I agree I mean I want them to help me with the decisions because they might see things that I don't But fortunately I think having having I was on the finale of the bachelor when I met Hannah A live audience there and I think that was super helpful to go through that experience and then go on to those shows I think some of that stuff will kind of help with this experience. But it'll definitely be like nothing I've experienced before so I'm looking forward to. You're also going to be like possibly kissing girls in front of an audience and like having first conversations in front of an audience and it just feels it's like are you. We used to stage. Shows have been afraid of public speaking like it's a whole other nerve component component in my opinion Versus being being on camera cameras. Don't always make don't really make me nervous but a live audience. You feel like you have to like meet their expectations you WANNA entertain them. Yeah yeah no I agree I was a bookworm in the fifth grade. I so maybe but No Yeah I mean it will definitely be a lot different. I'm looking forward to that. I think you know Basler nations really great all the fans and You know they. They're going to help me define found the one for me. So I trust their opinions and It'll be a lot of fun and I'm there like you know Becca Nye will will be co closing this. We're going to be there to help you out. We'll walk you through this. I'll be nervous too man. I mean Ashley. Can you imagine what we're about to walk into like two thousand people every night watching US put on this show on stage it is a whole new beast and as we prep right now for it and practice it like I get nervous just standing up on on stage so I'll be nervous there with you but you know. Hey we'll coach you through it. Yeah I present and I. I heard you're going to be Boston some moves on stage the true. Oh yeah definitely man I. I mean I've got these Dan shoes and I'm looking at right now that I'm telling you like the moves and I'm pulling off have never been seen before they. It takes a lot of flexibility to pull off when I'm about to do and it looks. It looks really ugly while all do it. But I'M GONNA try my hardest. Well you're GONNA have some pointers from one one Paul Guy to another You definitely they don't have the best moves but we're going on it. Connor final question for you before you go. Yup We. He's senior love stories. Play out we've seen you put yourself out there What is it that you're looking for in a partner a friend? A confidante. Yeah I mean I think you know someone who is outgoing adventurous I'm kind of a quieter guy so someone that brings out like brings me out of my shell a little bit. I think that's super important to me. But you know also someone that just Kinda like loves you back back. I guess and that's something that I think is missing the last couple of relationships there's been seen on TV And then the other thing is just that spark it's kind of like on the final thing that you can't really describe it's just that feeling you get with someone especially when you first meet them and to it's really important to have that so kind of all those things and a lot more to but I'm really open to anything. Hey we I can't wait to have you on stage man. Thanks for doing it will be fun. What a cool? I hope you feel. How big of a compliment is to you? to have you as our L. A.. Bachelor is going to be a wild wild night with a bunch of people from bachelor nation joining us a connor. Sally thank you for coming almost finished. podcast Yes sir. Thank you for having me on forcing body while today. An awesome podcast. I think these episodes always get better and better every year. Because there's more and more to talk about and we want to hear from you we've asked to hear from you. We have a few emails. We're going to read through before we say goodbye. The first one is from Rachel says I don't understand y Peter with questioning Hannah and so much about if she was ready for marriage or even been in love because she's twenty three Madison. A front runner is also twenty three. What are your your thoughts? Why don't think the age that matters? I think it's just probably the posture that they're coming into each conversation. I think Madison is probably coming each conversation talking about the future future Talking about her dreams in what she desires A partner and haven't heard that of Hannah an yet. So it's not a as much coach about the age as the person in what they're kind of communicating to Peter. Ashley do agree. I completely agree and I am damn mind boggled by this email from sky who writes in some new chase rice lyrics for a song called only only if you are. y'All these are the lyrics Monday and it's over you know the show your girls all come over for and the red wines getting lower and your last friends out the door when you're when there's no more roses to go around hit me up girl you know I'm down.

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