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Rant all under one roof and all you need to do is go to renters warehouse dot com on the C. B. S. news weekend roundup here's correspondent Steve Dorsey a dangerous heat wave is aching parts of the country this weekend correspondent Laura but estate has more it's all hands on deck in Chicago as the city prepares to take care of its youngest and eldest residents the most vulnerable to heat stroke we have a coordinated collaborative and comprehensive response Chicago temperatures have been hovering in the upper nineties all week and could climb near triple digits Saturday best thing to do during a heat wave is stay out of the sun one possible stay hydrated stay in cool areas he's talking about the majority of the U. S. population of more than two hundred million people are under heat alerts from the central US to the northeast the New York City triathlon scheduled for this Sunday was canceled for the first time in its history event organizer said it was due to the forecasted oppressive heat and humidity some athletes say they're relieved part of me was hoping that would enhance on but I wasn't sure they would actually do it it's not just people who are seeking relief animals from cows in Wisconsin to this panting red panda in Virginia are hoping this heat wave breaks and soon Laura protest at CBS news and there's a new warning from international humanitarian groups about heat waves like this weekend's let's talk with our Pam Falk at the United Nations Pam the head of the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies said Tuesday at the U. when to brace for more killer heat wave what they're saying is he waves are increasing and the data is showing that cities across the US and around the world we'll have more days of extreme heat in the years to come and that's what that's what's really warring people so what measures does this report call for them what they say is that there are many things you can do as a city.

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