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Com. Let's go to these phones and the you know what's going on talking about supernatural ratings than what it was ten years ago. Come on brian. Are you kidding me <music>. I don't want to know what it was ten years ago. Okay you have anything better questions about dominating stereo since you're friends with plants what install like was. He liked the project student of the classes. He didn't like frankenstein's. You're seeing more like german suplex type of guy well. That was a little bit better. I wanna thank you very much for the call. Unfortunately personally lances no longer doing the show so i can't ask him but i mean it's a big. He's a big kid. He's like twice the size of his father other so. I don't think that he was doing like a lot of lucia libra. I can't tell you a whole lot more than that. You went to school. Is he going to college on a on a scholarship dollar ship to play football even though it was a small school. I believe he was right. I have no idea so yeah. I believe that was the case. Obviously his father's a slight man would five three or whatever it is and he's obviously much bigger. It looks like walter compared to ray when you see him on t._v. But in the realm of w._w._e. I'm not exactly sure how how huge he is or anything like that but he didn't look built for the franken steiner but then again cain velasquez look pretty good doing one so who knows i try this person. You're on the air. What's what's going on. Follow that call brand. I might hi. This is brad from chicago. It's gone <hes> my question for you is with <hes> when it comes to october and we're going to have three distinctive w._w._e. Shows raw smackdown annexed keen right now especially especially after this whole wildcard rule disaster. Do you think that they need to make raw aw smackdown an annex t feel as distinctive and unique as individuals shows as they can and if so what do you think the the sort sort of tone of each of those shows should be the tone of the shows. Well like for a long time. Raw was the right at the beginning beginning in brand split raw was sort of the big eight show being run by the mcmahon's and smackdown was supposed to feel like it was the opportunity show and this this is where the work rate guys went and annexed. He was the indie super fed like do you think they need to go back to having sort of distinctive his hounds to each of the show. I think it makes a difference. I mean literally all that's going to make a difference on any of these. Shows is are are the individuals on the show seen by fans as big stars and are the story lines interesting enough to make people want to see manager. That's it. I mean smackdown. Yes the land of opportunity they always talk about. The land of opportunity doesn't make a bit of difference. Rock could be the land of opportunity opportunity. I mean all of these this branding these catchphrase none of this matters like what matters is are the individuals over and are these storylines lines compelling enough listen..

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