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This economists podcast is sponsored by linked in jobs. Hello and welcome to the intelligence on economist radio. I'm your host. Jason Palmer every weekday. We provide a fresh perspective on the events shaping your world. Overuse of antibiotics has driven the evolution of microbes that are resistant to them. So new drugs are constantly needed. But pharmaceutical companies lack the incentive to develop them market prices are dirt cheap and doctors are trying to prescribe the less. And the treasures of antiquity that are dotted around. Greece are jealously protected by the state. That's why a new art exhibition on dealers smack in the middle of the tiny islands. Ancient sites is both surprising and intriguing. But I. Today, Philippine voters will head to the polls for mid-term legislative elections. More than eighteen thousand government positions are up for grabs including around three hundred seats in the house of representatives and twelve slots in the Senate in a political system where personality Trump's party some see the ballot as a popularity test for the country's firebrand leader Rodrigo Detaille if his loyalists do well, the president will be able to consolidate his power. Mr. deter take was elected in two thousand sixteen. I win so press crime group the. Nothing. Anti-establishment populist. He promised hardline policies. Three years into his term. He's delivered. He launched a bloody war on drug crime. Dead bodies are being recovered from the streets in Manila. And in one notorious speech even likened himself to Hitler. Loss of third three million. Is three million three million. That'd be happy to slot. Person. Do say is an abrasive character whose son some international opprobrium for all his campaign against drugs, which is turned into a RAV murderous free for all that's killed thousands of people John MacLean reports for the economist from nila, he's less well-known for determined efforts to to peace with was than separatists of south of the Philippines, while at the same time being tough on those who get together with Islamic state and also for his efforts to dial down the confrontation with China over territory in the South China Sea and today Filipinos will go to vote in midterm elections. Why are those elections important for Mr. dude? Jose miss deters has three years left of his single six-year term, and like go presidency needs support of congress to keep governing effectively. Now, he has been quite covering his first year. Years in office in getting most of the legislation he needed urge of the these tax reform program of infrastructure building, which will help keep the economy growing fast. So he has less need of congress in the second half is too, but it's still useful to have to govern affected. Well, I mean, what's sort of changes are in prospect for the second half of his term. Watching needs to do is congress positive the second half of tax reform measure, which will do the economy a world of good Congress's help is also needed in his project to also the constitutions were placed the unitary state with a federal system. Why did Mr. detach? They want to change the nature of governance, essentially, he wants to make sure that the peace plan for the Muslim areas of the Philippines will stand up to the scrutiny of the supreme court. Now, there is a chance the supreme court will declare that these unconstitutional simple answer to that problem. Of course, it's the change in the constitution. Back is the main reason for Mr. turkeys eagerness for federal system. And how popular is he with this program of tax reform and infrastructure and an ambitious peace plan. How's he doing in? The polls wish to do. He has had consistently high ratings in all kinds of England polls satisfaction with his government popularity everything and he's not so much. He's policies that making popular, but he's personality. And I mean, the thing that's we often hear most outside the Philippines is about this brutal crackdown on drug dealers. And the like is that a popular policy is that contributing to his popularity. Well, there are certainly misgivings on many Filipinos about how this campaign is conducted. But in general is perception the crime on seats who's fallen so yes, he's policy has public approval. But it's very qualified public approval. Is there truth to that is crime genuinely down or is it? The very public very visible nature of this crackdown. Kind of contributing to the sense that crime is down crime figures in of the crime figures and many other parts of the world. They say what the police want them to say if he's a section that the streets are safer on the other hand, the campaign against drugs is a very bloody. It said it's so it was not so much a case if these, nurses the criminals, but it's more of a war on drug dealers and predictors of the drug dealers among the police, so it's a free for all where no one knows exactly where they stand and in the event that Mr. Tetteh and his allies are triumphant in this election. We'll vet get worse. You think certainty that will be next affective criticism of the campaign against drugs, but it will carry on anyway. And in that election. I mean who are the credible threats then to Mr. detained and his allies opposition coalition. Who's made the mistake of painting? This election is a referendum on Mr. do. Tessie? Now, the opinion polls show them that the president is popular. That's only one of the senatorial candidates in the opposition is likely to win a seat. Bam Aquino who belongs to the Aquino clan. But is provided to presidents Philippines. Now, political dynasties are big factor in Philippine politics. And another interesting character to watch we'll be Mr. do Turkey's own daughter who is the man of his hometown. She's only session to attain a post. But whether we're seeing him start of a new let's go on the national stage remains to be seen. I think it's highly unlikely that tattoo tech table. We'll step onto the national stage anytime soon, so what do you think? Then we'll we'll have it in this election will Mr. Detaille and his loyalists keep their majorities. Yes. Mr. if you touch there will retain a degree of control of congress. How long that control will lust though is another matter OE politics in the? Philippines is transactional. The president. Is the phones will patronage congress gives the president's support in return for government spending in that constituencies that loyalty to the president's can change quickly. Suddenly when the president tends to become a lame duck is he does towards the end of his term. But for now, you think Mr. Detaille is is safe for the next year or two years. Yes. He's sake towards the end of his term. He will suddenly become laying as it would be. John. Thank you very much for joining us. Antibiotics

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