Robbery, Brooklyn, Middle East discussed on Amanpour - Hero MP speaks of huge challenge in tackling extremism. Exclusive with Victoria Nuland


All of the war belonged to a month and we will live according to the sri wherever this is a fundamental belief of the muslims you know if i was to go to the jungle tomorrow among into my novels jim basically a lot of what you're saying is it's my way or the highway i mean how does that kind of logic fit into a democratic state like the one we live in now in like the one you live in you live here by choice do you not believe in democracy nor don't do we believe the people must live according to the sharia that would mean in countries such as britain people would have their hands cut off a robbery would be stone for what you call adultery hanged you can see that happening one day the sharia will be implemented in brooklyn this amount of time whether it comes through our peaceful discussion and debate whether it comes because the the majority in what's on an army oneday alana's good how about those who carried out the london subway attacks on july seven two thousand and five chowdrey gives an ominous on answer i'm not planning to blow myself up on the underground or carry out tomato inauguration in britain have those people who maybe we'll be doing water mahama said the under she's been and others that probably because of the same reasons which included in they will think you really took a month extraordinary all these years later to hear those flagrant comments and chowdhury was finally arrested in jail just last cheer for supporting isis on youtube but why wasn't bought followed or arrested after arousing suspicions in 2015 i ask tobias ellwood minister for the middle east and counter terrorism and he knows these dangerous first hand because he was first on the scene during the last van a knife attack on parliament where he tried to resuscitate pc keith palmer who had been fatally stabbed.

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