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In Australia the wild fires continue to ravage New South Wales with thousands of evacuations Michelle Franzen ABC news and now que to weather brought to you by standard TV and appliance we are off to another start on Sunday with more rain on the way that should be tapering back just a little bit in the afternoon hours mid forties for daytime highs another round of rain feeds off Monday turning to showers of for the early part of Tuesday and then more rain developing again Tuesday into Wednesday with key to storm tracker weather I merry lows and I heart radio station eleven ninety K. E. X. available everywhere with I heart radio now number one eleven ninety now use your guest does Richard Serret welcome back say hello on Twitter at Richard Serra S. why because I love U. R. E. double T. BB king and Van Morrison if you Love Me I'm gonna send that out to my lovely bride the mighty Aphrodite I was feeling a little under the weather these days she's battling a cold like a lot of you I'm sure the European union's patent office has issued a new ruling rejecting to patent application submitted on the behalf of artificial intelligence programs that's right a robot the two inventions were created as part of a multi disciplinary research project organized at the university of Surrey in the United Kingdom the researchers used an artificial intelligence called Jabba's or device for the autonomous bootstrapping of unified sentence Jabba's created two unique usable ideas that were submitted to patent that the patent office the first was a new kind of beverage a container and the second was a signal device to help search and rescue teams locate.

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