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Publicize this other thing you know i tend to like increasingly not be that into it and so like but like with this i mean so how's that cut from the same cloth with this is that my opinion about the avengers movies in particular has become more like andy nocco with the first avengers movie then i would have expected which is like this is i get what this is i get that this is a culmination of lots of other stuff but like i don't feel like the people who make it love it i don't feel like i mean i know they they've there's a lot of good work in this in terms of you know trying to hew to the infinity storyline from the past they very intelligently brought in james gone to consult on the guardians parts and now basically space is guardians now and i think that's really effective but like i don't know sometimes i just i really feel with dc i'm like like who who do the people who make this really like this movie because it feels like it feels kind of like a grudging consumer event more than something that somebody made that they're really excited about i know that's not what it's supposed to be but then you go and you watch a tv show like a small tv show something nobody knows about something like patriot and you're like somebody who made this really really cared about this and it shows and they've thought through every single little bit of this and yeah there's going to be good cliffhangers but it's in the service of telling a story that has an arc and win that arc is over that story is over and maybe it'll be some threads for second and third seasons but like there's it's not primarily there to be consumer saltwater the keeps you increasingly thirsty for whatever the next thing is because you've already sunk so much cost in it and by two hours and forty minutes or however long it was into this i was just like i i.

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