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Green eyes. His car is a nineteen ninety eight Chevy Silverado with Missouri plates. Dean was last seen yesterday at five thirty in the morning on Parada court police say he is going through a divorce and has been sending his wife. Text messages that are suicidal in nature of you. See dean, call police one person is dead another in critical but stable condition after a pair of house fires in the city of Saint Louis firefighters say the death happened in the fifty nine hundred block of WADA at about four yesterday afternoon. Crews reported heavy fire on the first floor of a two story structure when they arrive with flames threatening to nearby buildings. The other fire happened early Thursday afternoon in the fourteen hundred block of warning firefighters rescued a man with disabilities from a second floor room. They say kerosene heater catching a bet on fire. The likely cause they're the budget plans from Missouri. As Republican governor coming from an unusual source rats normally blame Republicans are too tight fisted with the budget. But a different message came from the Democrats ranking member on the house budget committee, Columbia's get Kendrick warned the governor may be too optimistic about money to spend. I don't want to sound the alarm bells. But it's probably about time we start doing it. We have to tax cuts. Continue to be implemented over the next few years. We have tax cut after-tax getter tax. That's been layered on top of this date. We're not the federal government. You can't pass a tax cut blow up the deficit and just print money. But the administration's budget director voice confidence and their tax collection.

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