Julian Assange, Wikileaks, President Trump discussed on Bernie and Sid in the Morning


I'm Debra Valentine. With the stories you'll be talking about on seventy seven WABC police in London this morning say they've arrested WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy the arrests related to a court warrant it dates back to twenty twelve correspondent Nick Walshe tells us, it's unknown. If Assange may face charges here in the United States, not walkout, metropolitan police have said suggesting as they went on to clarify that. In fact, the police went into the embassy to remove him from there. And of course, you can imagine not wishing to give himself up voluntarily because frankly of how hit announcing that embassy for quite a substantial period of time using Sonnen status inside that diplomatic area. Wikileaks founder has not left the embassy since August twenty fearing if he stepped off diplomatic soil. He would be extradited to the US were publishing thousands of classified military and diplomatic cables through. Wikileaks lay still on the scene after a police for soon crash in Newark, New Jersey this morning. One person attempting to flee on foot was taken into custody that pursuit started in Westfield, New Jersey after cops were called for speeding vehicle. The boyfriend over Bronx woman found dead in her basement. He's under arrest. Police found the victim. Twenty one year old enduro Ramirez Rivera with trauma marks tour net glass night after showing up at her home on Nelson avenue for wellness check. She was unconscious non responsive and pronounced dead at the scene. The woman's Twenty-three-year-old boyfriend on hill. Esteban Felix Rodriguez is charged with murder and manslaughter. I'm Sara Lee Kessler for seventy seven WABC news. President Trump ordering more military to the US Mexico border after hearing horror stories from residents in San Antonio, Texas during a visit Wednesday the president so moved he held an impromptu press conference longtime Texas landowner told the president the people crossing the border or different than they used to be. They're not good guys different building years ago. President Trump recalled a story from a Texan about bodies found on his ranch said how many one.

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