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Many at Boston Logan international airport. In Texas, the fate of access to abortion medication is now in the hands of a federal judge. Your CBS Michael George. The lawsuit filed by anti abortion groups is asking for an immediate order that would revoke or suspend the drug's FDA approval. More than 20 years ago, the FDA gave myth a pristine the green light in combination with a second pill as a safe and effective method to induce a medicated abortion. That two pill combo is the most common form of abortion in the U.S.. The federal aviation administration held an emergency safety summit today over recent close calls on airport runways. And they wanted to address some other issues, acting FAA administrator Billy Nolan. In light of these recent close calls and the attention being focused on even the most routine of go arounds, are we emphasizing efficiency over safety. The biggest mistake he says the industry can make is to become complacent. Right now, federal officials are investigating at least 7 close calls involving commercial airplanes, 6 at airports, and one over the Pacific Ocean. The feds say the nation can't wait for a catastrophe to address problems. This is CBS News. Nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance coverage. Liberty mutual customizes your car and home insurance so you only pay for what you need. Liberty Mutual Insurance Halo three here on WTO, it's Wednesday night march 15th, 2023, upper Marlboro at 46 and dropping below freezing in places. Good evening, I'm Dimitri sodas for the top local stories we're following this hour. When you call 9-1-1 for help, you're thinking about when they'll show up not where in D.C. it appears dispatchers are sending ambulances to the wrong address more frequently. The mayor wants a new director in charge of the 9-1-1 call center in her confirmation hearing Heather McGowan explained the spike in mix ups and wrong addresses. I've had the opportunity to not only learn, but understand the immense amount of trust that is placed in an agency like ours. And office of unified communications acting director Heather McGrath and says she knows part of her job is restoring trust. Committee chair Brooke Pinto then asked why so far this year, 36 ambulances were directed to the wrong place when it was 34 sent to the wrong address all of last year. There wasn't maybe always a way to report that, that they knew about. We're educating them on that now. If we can acknowledge that we've made a mistake, we can do something to fix it. Meghan clover, AWT, op news. 8 O four on WTO an update tonight on the ongoing back and forth on D.C.'s criminal code and home rule between the city's government and Congress, the House oversight committee chairman, Kentucky Republican James comer, is inviting D.C. city leaders to testify at a March 29th hearing. Comer wants to hear from members of the D.C. council, the chief financial officer and the D.C. police union, the hearing will cover issues such as crime and homelessness, he says, D.C. council chairman Phil mendelson tells WTO, he will attend that hearing. We're still waiting to hear from some other city leaders. Of course, very sensitive topic in terms of whether D.C. city politicians really are in charge of their own fate or whether Congress comes in and overrides things sometimes. Well, new this evening, the latest in the search for former Maryland top aide Roy McGrath, who never showed up to his corruption trial at the start of the week. FBI agents raided his Florida home today two days after he failed to appear in Baltimore federal court. His wife, Laura brunner, was home during the FBI raid were told, and the people in charge say that she is fully cooperating with authorities. This week, the U.S. marshal service declared McGrath a wanted fugitive and put out wanted posters of him for short while McGrath was former governor Larry Hogan's chief of staff in Maryland. He's accused that is McGrath is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state. 8 O 5, we've got the latest plans for your tax dollars now released today in two Maryland counties in Montgomery county, residents could face an increase in their property taxes. It's part of the budget plan outlined by county executive Mark L rich. The proposed ten cent property tax increase would be directed to Montgomery county schools. County executive Mark elric said his $6.8 billion budget plan fully funds the budget increase requested by schools and the bump to the property tax is needed to do that. So what if he can't get county council approval on that? Where would he cut? He answered by saying what he won't do. I'm not going to cut the food we're giving people. I'm not going to cut their rental assistance. I'm not going to cut other departments. County council president Evan glass released a statement saying the 11 member council will provide thorough oversight over the budget, first public hearings on the issue are scheduled for next month. Kate Ryan, WTO news. The Montgomery county Chamber of Commerce now issues a statement calling this proposal to raise the property taxes tone deaf. It points to the high cost of living. The chamber says it is against the plan. Next to prince George's county and executive Angela also Brooks traveling to college park to unveil her 2024 budget. She says this year, there's not much room to maneuver. Prince George's

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