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Morning he'll be back tomorrow and yeah that there were some big surprises last night a big surprise performance which was exhilarating and then confusing all at the same time right and I and then of course there wasn't a host again this year I understand last year because of all the hoopla and everything with Kevin Hart yeah that made sense this year I really felt it was lacking and we needed a host we need someone to steer the ship because having the performances and the presenters can have to take that role I don't think was very fair to them and then they were trying way way way too hard so don has an interesting theory on that yeah and the hosting and lack of host and why we don't have one anymore isn't just my theory it's Steve Martin Chris rock they talked about you want to hear that let us play it all right hi I'm Steve Martin my theory I'm Chris rock this is my theory okay it's not going to play ball okay uniform okay well basically they said because of Twitter yeah essentially that you know what people say dumb things on Twitter and then but any time anybody is it gets the job people look back through every tweet that they ever tweeted and these big celebrities have had Twitter Twitter pages for so long they're not going to just start fresh I almost would have I got the job I would just delete my Twitter is a given a little would have already yep yeah even for future software that automatically no matter even if the yeah you deleted it within ten seconds they've captured already so I was thinking we.

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