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Of its massive infrastructure proposal as a counter offer to Senate Republicans who bulked At the cost of Biden's plan and how he wants to pay for it. NPR's Windsor Johnson tells us. The two sides also differ over the scope of the legislation. The Biden administration has presented congressional Republicans with a $1.7 trillion counterproposal about $500 billion less than its original offer. White House press secretary Jen Psaki says the proposal exhibits the administration's willingness to come down in size. It does so largely by cutting from areas where there is bipartisan consensus. Republicans have argued that the bill is too broad and too costly. They've also flat out, rejected Biden's plan to raise the corporate tax rate to pay for the bill. White House who set a tentative memorial day deadline to determine whether any deal can be reached with the GOP help could be on the way for employers looking for seasonal workers this summer. H to be guest worker visas were capped it 66,000 but NPR's Andrea Hsu tells us starting next week, an additional 22,000 will become available, the Biden administration says starting Tuesday. Employers who proved they cannot hire American workers can seek additional foreign workers under the H two B visa program. H two b visas typically cover low wage seasonal work, such as landscaping, seafood processing and hospitality jobs at resorts and theme parks. Additional visas come as employers have been complaining about worker shortages to be eligible companies must also prove they will suffer irreparable harm without the additional help off the 22,000 visas Coming open next week. 6000 are reserved for workers from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Andrea Hsu. NPR NEWS Washington Stocks finished mixed, too. And the week on Wall Street the Dow was up about 3/10 of a percent. This is NPR and 3 32. This is KCRW news. I'm Matt Dillon. Arrest was made today in connection with a fire that started not far from downtown Santa Barbara. Last night, the Loma fire burned an area called TV Hill, which is named for several local television vision stations that are based on top of it. Officials say. Around midnight, they noticed someone scrambling down the hill and hiding in brush near the blaze. They detained a 23 year old Santa Barbara resident in connection with the fire and also say he's a suspect in connection with other recent arson cases in the city. Fire crews were able to make good progress, but not before it damaged at least one home. The blaze burned less than 10 acres and is roughly three quarters contained. In the fight against Cove it Orange County is hoping to reach herd immunity by July. 4th data shows around 44% of residents are fully vaccinated so far, but flagging demand for shots, and OSI could threaten that. TCW's Tara a tree and reports the count. The county's health care agency has more vaccine than it can deliver. Not a single dose of any of the covert vaccines were accepted by the Orange County Health Care Agency this week. Dwindling demand has prompted the agency to cut back vaccine deliveries, citing concerns about being wasteful. It's a far cry from just a few months ago when its struggle to get enough doses Other local health care systems find themselves in similar situations. Providence helps Orange County hospitals and clinics turned down fresh supplies this week because they had plenty on hand. Officials say two things are fueling the decline. Most people who wanted a shot have gotten it at this point, and with more pharmacies and papa clinics offering immunization demand for appointments has gone down. Geyser to be star a tree in reporting. After Danny Masterson was ordered today to stand trial for the alleged rapes of three women. They say he sexually assaulted them in 2001 in 2003. This recent decision comes after a judge found the trio's delays in reporting their cases to please reasonable given the tenants of the Church of Scientology. The that seventies show star is a prominent adherent and his accusers are former Scientologists. Masterson has denied the charges, and his attorney says the actor had consensual sex with the women. And finally, it is a lovely day at many of SoCal's beaches, but you won't be able to enjoy it. Bolsa Chica State Beach Today authorities have closed a section of the shore and adjacent water due to a dead whale. Orange County health care agencies. Environmental health division determined the decomposing remains posed a health hazard. Authorities believe the whale is one of two that were struck by an Australian navy ship last week and then towed out to sea from near San Diego. Long journey. Bolsa Chica is about 90 miles up the coast from the San.

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