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What the knock-on effect is that. After people dragging one of the things I find interesting when it comes to letting people in general not they get aligned structured full them so what went on with. My job was to foment calendar where people follow day to day macadear as would say what the do it in a month's time uneven sort of if he said Tuesday the seventeenth of March for off the new. What am I doing? You'd be able to click on your calendar. Find out what it was overseeing. Now that's all gone so it you'll like the three of us away the professors spokesman. How you kind of phone at your own disciplines an old China House who oversees all food at the moment and to me. That's an informal life. Which is I'm home. Schooling this fellas behold school by me. I don't WanNa do it. I suppose we're bolting regard. You know unless you're one of the heroic people who actually work is at the moment who finally again the respect. They deserve either in society. Because let's be honest it's embarrassing that arena. He celebrated isn't teachers. And Yeah but but the rest of US really disciplined really have to do to stay at home unto try and have some kind of normality no lives. Nobody comes as health wellbeing. Generally think of that opens up These force I follow replays interested get involved with coaching wise on twitter around then making up things in that DOT com. The same way that you almost arrive we got no. We got no serve luxuries anymore. We have to kind of to knock it down and figure out what we're doing on our own. Un's that'll ganic into feeling is a level of society. I think it's interesting to see that we all sort of the same boat. I'm Rachel unprepared. We will talk about the guys. They the Australian Rugby League team. The won the world championship. I can't think of the name of them. They've they've almost been disbanded recently. And they're looking for jobs now on building sites at of them just to keep income coming in. I went in. I religiously watch the news and I should do a little bit less because I think it doesn't really much your mental health move and having lived in America. Look a lot of NBC CNN you know. He's a blessed news and it looks as if the majority of people would y Olympic hunt mouth or financially healthwise Emerson Saudis. Taking something like this how infrastructural crikey we should have been a little bit wolf. You just lying here. We should have had a slightly white outlook on on where we go and to me. Personally give me an insect will when I retire which is its own point of no longer. Go to work to fill in the ALA's Gift find an income from somewhere over and above what was her pension beyond anything to yourself. Nothing you except for the Knights. Admiral whatever is Latino my family to look after and when do it's? It's a little bit of a dress rehearsal. I feel it just seems to be like the wheels a little bit. Resetting itself in making this kind of appreciate all kind of freedom and all the things we had I every time do improvise them. Yes and And I'm sure you you you get the same as I do. I get emails every three or four minutes of the moment from every company that had ever been Or Awesome Line saying this is a cove ninety policy. India newsouth going homologue is completely disingenuous. Isn't won't authenticity that. Because you can't tell me that Ryan Harrell Amazon's GonNa equivalent environment policy of mill. Let's be honest is six weeks anyway. Ans We were better off just a bit in the fact that we don't really know what's going on moment isn't holding up the pretense of know exactly what we're doing as long as we've got a piece of paper says this is our policy. I think I think as problematic it creates a sense to us time things. Okay isn't what are some of the pulse effects of can item thinking about the wooden dolphins that everyone's always talking about an dolphins from from my own going back twenty years and I always took a new route. Transparent isn't the Bryant of sneak feel and this is proven over years of research evidence to show that You know a positive relationship mental health and physical which is obviously you know if you feel good and you feel healthy as opposed cardiology. You Mental Health would also I feel is is probably as as addressable than his same correlation with negative physical health a negative mental health. Which is if you let yourself go into a if you just let yourself go a little bit too much than the negative physical health as knock a mental health. So I think when it comes to address your questions I pose affects of out is just. It's just a question of Walked you'll health means to you to some people it might need. I will have some some white till eighteen to be able to enjoy my my retirement To to be able to deny them out we'd be being fit and healthy is is your own personal thing say exercise it releases. A stressful cultural is very pull metaphor coming times but the Colt is all in on its release. Releasing exercises is almost like a vaccine where you give the body limited pay so that. I overcompensate super compensates and gives a lot will pleasure down the light. So that's what does the thirty minutes of paying running in all of the physical edition you go through has a huge knock on effect through the damn hard trip one or the other. That's something just hard to convince people rock. She won't exercise. 'cause you know the benefits that you wouldn't golfing society. Don't do the tweet. Magnets is essentially when those things up if you go on the path of becoming physically active you reap the benefits and you want to be more physically active and I think the same thing happens. Negative is while you end up sitting on the on the Sofa just eating chocolate. Delete the junk food. I think ends up being a little bit of the defoe. Serve you as well. Yeah I've told my kid all football and I've been off off exciting into week six and it does. It does impact on the mind as well. totally all of that. You know I've always been active in the gym forty five times a week. Five side gone from being active everyday to secretary on and the chocolate in the fridge. You just want to grab hold of. It doesn't make you any happier. The more the more I think exercise and the more you put your body through something the more happier in the more feeds to me the more energy. I actually have more energy. I use almost like a dynamo effect so I can totally understand the the concept of you know if you exercise the body feels a lot better. Well yes it does mean. Mental health is been in the news the last few years more than I a house done on a surprising when you read between the lines of all those things is surprised at the prevalence alleging mental physical health. It's it's it's is often one is fed. Awesome into the other and the business will come out of this. I read about the Wuhan problems. In China. May originated from whether it be locked up for three or four. Munson and saying this is what relative. Add Lexus like. It's the thing. When he looked in the house she come to yourself. People getting used to not as defoe sentence of people getting used to doing nothing. People get used to not energy not to a frightening thought. That is so what if someone's never looked before any tips. Yes you have to enjoy it a person experience into this. I hate cycling so if someone who to to me if I was position by needed to get active and I was going to shoot on doing something. I didn't enjoy that. Never be sort of repeatable. Sustainable I just wouldn't want to do it so you go try and find something that interested it might be weightlifting all or even to the pug. If you exercise maybe take a little bit more interest in what you're in your mouth along that continuum somewhere from trading hearts two intensity training to actually look enough to Tricia along long continuum. Someone is going to be something that he enjoy doing. The biggest game anybody is just find out one single three or four things that he actually joined you and just doing relatively often Somebody contact me for sport the other day and said look in contrast to the intensity ham. So what will see their advice and I know this is quite well and he does probably four or five trading sessions High-intensity recent improvement. But let the improving nutrition improve your sleep habits drink water bed. All these things will then state with you way. Way Past the coding ninety crisis that will end up in could have. It might look Putin all up. That's my signed a miss. Okay move on so eastern healthy moines pulled in Troublesome climate than it is generally a normal times argued. That isn't because you can't go online at the moment without seeing some post from somebody training in it back and auguring wait. Saw doing this because people are just say. This is what I'm doing at all but being healthy is a continuum you know in Brennan. The moment of struggling mental physical have sickness the diabetes stresses unsightly. These things predate cooler ninety so to all of a sudden. Say Right okay. Another got to be stuck in our homes we have to focus on. Our House is a little bit to do. -nology with with what you guys do is is like saying we'll write a glowing gold and now right the baddest Ovum expenditure should have been something that should be in the background Out For the last fifteen twenty years. Suppose so it's look. I hope that we look back at this time. Even thank yes. It wasn't a little bit of a reset button far as dudes but Staying healthy is is something. That's very important whatever's going world so what source of information for those who want to stay healthy wanting knocked on one of the most important parts is actually knowing exactly where to get information from being filtered information is is what a Gouda was nominated for that predates the Internet over the Internet. That said Lilia the POPA people get all the noise at the moment that if you get Every nine o'clock in the morning we looked Julie Student has the cage which is great because it engages the children and things like that the popularity on the accuracy needs to be hubs. No some some of the sources that you can go online especially to comes to health living Which is a health.

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