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Normal life and and I am feeling more positive about it because while we've also been seeing the MLS in this country running their league women's soccer running their league in this country Are you guys changing your kind of pessimism is towards of live sports actually taking place. Yeah, I wasn't as pessimistic as you might think. I I felt like we were going to get something that first of all. I understand the financial ramifications if they don't have sports Not just the players not getting paying the owner's not making money. There are thousands upon thousands of people who make their living off the game. Whether that's a vendor. That's somebody who sells advertising for the TV network. Whether that is somebody else who works in the club like their normal everyday men and women who, if there are no sports They don't have a job, so I understood. I understood that I was just getting very, very concerned when we started to see more of a spike back in April, And then we had the baseball people fighting over money as opposed to let's see if we could figure out a way to come together here in the midst of a global pandemic, So I'm excited in the numbers. Danny gave Boy, that's that's really encouraging. Really encouraging. The NFL released some news today. Also, they say, at least 72 NFL players tested positive for covert 19 as of last week. The Players Association confirmed this on their website. But it says not every player in the league was tested. The number of players who have tested positive represents 2.5% of all NFL players, so that's a relatively known low number as well. Which is good to hear, And with all the positive thoughts that I have with live sports, can I give you guys this thought as well? I don't think there's any way we have college football. I think there's zero chance or very low chance that we have college football. Even in the big, big, big, Big 10. We'll think about it. Why? Why have the MLS European soccer Thie MLB, The MBA all have some level of success to this point. It's the testing. Can these teams be able to test all of these players on a daily basis? And if they coid If, say, the SEC secures testing for all of their teams for the entire season each and every day, then Yeah, okay. Yeah, we'll have SEC football. Same with the Big 10. What if it's up to each school to kind of do it themselves and their only testing once a week, and then Oh, you play a team, and then we're going to test after you play that team, But then you play another team within five days, But the test from the last game just came in, and you actually tested positive from the last game. But now you played another team in all of this, and you get the entire big ten's infected. You see what I'm saying? Like, Yeah, And if no cab if they can set up something where they get the same access to testing that the MBA and the MLB and everyone else is gonna have in live sports. And I think we could have it. But do you guys see all of college football gang on the same page? I don't know. We did have good news, Oklahoma announced that they had tested all their I think it was their football players. Zero positive tests. So that was encouraging to hear. Yeah, but who they're going to play. I mean, they are right far the best of the best when it comes to keeping their players healthy at this point, But you've got one team was zero and a bunch of other teams that That can't keep that pace with them. Who are they going to play? I'm with Chris. I don't think college football's happened. Maybe it happens in the spring. Maybe we keep our fingers crossed and they played it. Okay, Let me ask you guys this If they announced that college football's coming back. It's going to start in March. Does a guy like Trevor? Laurence? Justin Fields go. I'm out. I'm not playing because I'm going to the National Football League. I will have filled my time requirement by the rules so much as I want to be there for my guys. Unfortunately, my college career is over. Yeah, I think I think that locked out, especially since it seems as if the NFL doesn't want to play ball with them. I believe the past the NFL to move the date back of the draft, so it could accommodate that and not cause what you're talking about. And the NFL said Listen, we've got a schedule. We've got our plans in place. Sorry, but we're having the draft and we're having a draft. If you're Trevor Laurence, and you know you're going to be the number one draft pick. Are you really going to put your career your future in jeopardy by playing the college season Right flush up against the NFL draft in the combine and everything you do? There's no way there's just no way his resume in college football and what he's one speaks enough. That he can just sit out this year. No question. He's looking at the rest of his life being He's going to be a brand. He can't take any chances, right? I certainly wouldn't listen. I always talk about how I went to the university, Kansas. I went to the university, Kansas when I was there. Jack Vaughn was there. Jack Vaughn after his junior year Had he left. Everybody was saying he'd be a top five pick. He came back for a senior year. I think he broke his wrist or some fingers on his hand. And he ended up falling tow like twenties. You just like you don't take a chance. With your.

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