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You know it can just happen right but I was thinking about the fact that which is not in control I think a lot of times you eagle kicks in a situation like that is all I got to get control of it to get drugs to control control that'd I'd like that's all that situation shows you you're never truly in control yeah I did a lot I watched it on the way down to DC a when she said you know god took G. G. N. Kobe away because she knew that you could be on a circuit out Colby I started bawling yeah my dermatologist Dr some of the documents because they knew he was having a conversation when it first happened she said the same thing he was like you know their spirits have always been like this bridge will link you know long before they got here knows their spiritual healing gone after their physical bodies are gone she said the same thing like you like they both had to go together because they did their spirits are so intertwined connected one one couldn't live without those on this on this planet now isn't he H. yeah yeah man it is it is showing that you're just not in control you just never right in control and I think if I think that will cause a lot of anxiety right yeah because we just always try to control the future they're trying to control certain outcomes and you just can't nothing could be controlled got enjoyed a moment that's right yeah well what we'll give you more in and give you some updates and what you know what happened in the memorial and all that other stuff we come back to front page news but also a you'll see will be joining us this morning Alexandria cortical Corti Cortes yes he does well because the Cortez that's what color you'll see right this is a C. will join us this morning with you will be here this morning that's right to talk about all everything that's going on in our current world today yes right so we'll pick a winner and a little bit in front page news so we'll tell you about the memorial yesterday Kobe Bryant's memorial and Harvey Weinstein he should be right because right now jail we'll tell you about that so movies the breakfast club good morning it can yeah.

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