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The economic implications of all that shopping that's happening this weekend a little later in the show first let's look back at the big economic stories of the week with neela richardson chief economist at redfin high mula hi molly high so this is being described as a makeorbreak week for the gop tax plan it there was a business inside story this week that said it had gotten a triple whammy of bad reviews cuts that would primarily benefit the rich fifty percent of americans will see tax increases by 2020 seven economists agree it'll explode the debt and the deficit what's up here and you know what's remarkable about all this critiques is that many of them just fall rate within the gop ledell on what's happening know outside the dea he with the democrats in the american people rate so it tell once in a generation tax overhaul and yet it's not living up to that right now i we still have many concerns about this tax plan in part of the reason is it wasn't widely shared or shop this is something that has a self imposed deadline the senate and the house wanna get a gop tax plan passed by the end of the year and so there were no big studies there was no up pre ing or marketing of this plan at was at a wholesale shift without any kind of sales pitch and whenever you do that when you are trying to make a big change uh you do so at your own risk because you can't bring the american people along with you to the pa final plan well and it's ironic because the way that you have described that sounds like the way that republicans for years described the obama care process and now this tax bill would itself repeal the individual mandate and kind of comment obamacare from uh sort of a side door frame ray one one of the.

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