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Love about donald trump that he has really brought out all of the could and that the left has the rest of us resell obama came that we you know we we we blocked are avoided at any of us went up wake like hurry quickly god forbid or michelle obama for that read in mccoy riding in horrific october so contempt with jonathan gruber cut death to all of the cooking conflict of the rest of us don't realise contempt greet hatred we don't love them or it i know in and the thing is how much pleasure his dr seuss's brought the kids th into adults who i mean malawian loved reading those books that the barrett just like all parents you know you you you find a book your killed loves emmy that's what that's a that's one of the life's pleasures 'cause you eat like malania says in the letter you wanna get kids more interested in reading that's that's the key to being successful if you could read you could right if you're gonna right you can get a good job it's as simple is that ended starts with anything the get eight reading blocks the the irony of it is is that this librarian is basically the greenwich like i think they feel like these students need to come together in a thing to her baby bigger her heart more growth decides it's i finally get the herald interested in this story i tried to get them interested in a yesterday now i picked their finally going to do something whether the statistics to go story this story deserved to get national play i mean the how the grinch stole dr so size should actually pichai kirk yeah pitched tucker on this send him that send them this stuff as a as a former i'm glad to say that former resident and tax payer of the city of cambridge i am appalled walled but not surprised a maui car ali show howard car here with ronnie from life changed tay ronnie i've been drinking life change t for months and many of my listeners are now drinking like change the.

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