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The US a couple of weeks. I guess so a Wow da yeah and we're the audiences that dramatically different and I think the when I was doing the true crime stuff and I started to do it in the UK. Okay it was interesting because I've always found that audiences British audiences in particular darker than we are in America just more morbid but then that true crime stuff was hitting harder in America because it's so much and in the past couple years we've almost we've had such a weird traumatic thing happened with our country that I think we've we've almost like outpaced them and how kind of sad and dark we've gotten so it was so I had to like kind of be a little bit more physical with the material when I was doing the UK to to sell it if that yeah yeah you had more slipping falls like at one point when I was doing the impression of like a live woman breathing. It was like really all over the world how my every home has its reliable cleaner. Yes doing the hard work to make the host look good and being treated like crowd yeah being kept under the sink. God Damn it. The alarm is the under the kitchen sink classic cleaner. That's been keeping home spotless for generations the true hero of of household cleaning CSLR tackles difficult calcium who I- Calcio Buildings Lime and Russ Stains all over the House sinks tubs showerheads even that Coffee Pot and your dishwasher how you have to clean the dishwasher. I just learned this yeah. This is probably ways well. If you don't want to spend that kind of money get sealer. It handles everything from soaps. Come on shower doors hours to the toughest toilet bowl stains outside. Oh this is interesting outside..

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