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Turns fifty today. Sizzling hot jazz singer says happy birthday to the soon to be artless. Chance or armless. Chance celebrating the twenty fourth kelly gibson dame of the crush dragsters fifty four tomorrow. Aj rice that viscount of idaho fifty on the twenty fifth. Henry jones will be sixty on october. Second couple of Well-wishers dame sexy to sir howard. A non stinky linke to his son. Beckham james turning seven observed. Pros is on our list. Happy birthday sir. Memos and lauren lemaire thirty three kind of approximately today. Happy bird everybody here at the best podcast in the universe. Don't want and we've got a very important title change cycle path becomes a baronet today by topping up another one thousand dollars of support to the no agenda show. Thank you very much so much. Appreciate it now. We have One dame in the company of Four nights who got hear yoke nice or a good one. Or debra reese james pullman anonymous road trucking kris bergstrom. All of you are expected up on stage here because takes your support the no agenda show and the amount of one thousand dollars you are now eligible to be nights and dame's than i am very proud to pronounce the as dame debra the founder mississippi artless chance protector of the light painting. Geeks sir road. Chris box for you. We've got hookers and blow rent boys chardonnay. We've got your chips and dips keep bourbon and sushi. In case you wanna we got kebab and persian winds rueben women rose as some geishas and sock in breast milk compatible ginger ale and gerbils but mutton to mead. Everyone's good with that. Congratulations brand new. Dame and brand new nights go to agenda nation dot com slash rings. Fill out all the information erica. She will get that off too soon as possible. It's the ring is your signet ring. Gives the ceiling white. I didn't know. I the the envelope a got from dame jennifer had blue sealing wax. Do we provide blue to dame's or nights Upon request or i thought it was only read or did she buy some herself to you. Know know you know clearly in the bathroom bathroom right here. Instead.

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