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Darryl has helped over two hundred klansmen turn in their robes and kind of turn a new leaf all by just having simple conversations with them Darryl is also a musician author and of course he writes about his interactions with KKK members. And you know some of the INS and outs of the actual organization and like I said it's it's extremely interesting His point of view on things. You know the compassion the empathy that he displays. It's unlike anything else we've ever you know we've ever seen. So we dove deep into some of his experiences with these klansmen. That are essentially his friends. Now which is a crazy thought. He did all through conversations. We also dove deep into his His music career. You know. He's a great musician and so we got a good a good handle on. Who is biggest influences were or are and who has mentors were so some really really cool stuff and we did get his take on the Ahmad situation so again like I said this a very powerful episode. I don't WanNa take anymore guy's time so if you appreciate this episode. Please reach out to us on Instagram at Marseils Power Project INSTAGRAM ON TWITTER AT MB Power Project. And let us know what you guys think and ladies and gentlemen. Please enjoy the show with the Amazing Daryl Davis and we're going and we're good if somebody wanted some snacks and they didn't want all the carbohydrates. Where would they go? Encima KITO COOKIES. No saying they would go to and Seema like stick little nibble.

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