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Within a few months of each other she nodded voice dropped off she said that's one to have to tell you I broke the law I did something I shouldn't have but I feel so glad I did seeing the confused look on my face she continued doctor Joe donated his vital organs to science his two children finally turned up and requested the others remain speed cremated the mother had recently died they said as usual the crematorium returned Dr Joe's shoes to us then I stored them out in the hall closet but none of those are we called the hall closet from childhood stacks of camera strobe shoes had lined the shelves with the closet for years many will never claimed by the families who hi the moved away or didn't want to come in and pay the funeral bill many of the paper name tags have fallen off sometimes before air conditioning those with no name tags were used to prop open the front door it's I'm Scott Simon life's a crowded wakes I always smiled when I realized that unbeknownst to anyone else the young claimed that she was of a big **** the duck politician as my mom called them we used on many hot light to humbly hold the door open for the concert you once he had fleeced for so many years to talk to chose kids want.

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