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If you recall in our star spangled banner story. The star spangled banner was played in the seventh inning. Stretch of the nineteen eighteen world series and the eighteen ninety. Three world's fair in chicago showed up in our story about the wizard of oz. L frank baum visited often during eighteen ninety three and some feel the emerald city may have been inspired by it. We didn't mention in that episode. That frank lloyd wright while working for adler and sullivan design the transportation building at the world's fair. We mentioned helen. Keller and the scopes trial episode. She also attended the world's fair to see unveiling of machine that could print. Books in braille. The crackerjack display was next to a new beer called pabst. It was the designation of america's best at that fair that changed pabst to pabst blue ribbon today. A complete set of crackerjack. Baseball cards are now valued at seven hundred. Fifty thousand and contain cards of shoeless. Joe jackson ty cobb and christy matheson incidently. It was the crackerjack cards that inspired robert ward of tip top bread to put baseball cards and loaves bread. You can learn more about robert ward and his federal league baseball and our episode about twinkies finally jfk. And baseball he was such a baseball fan. He proclaimed dave bowers on his staff. As undersecretary of baseball days job was to deliver the scores to make sure that he made it to all the games and to make sure that he didn't get hit by a fly ball after meeting. Jackie robinson at an event. Jfk wrote him a letter asking for his support in the nineteen sixty election. Jackie robinson wrote back the same day he declined and said he appreciated the letter but when they met. Jfk wouldn't look him in the eye when they were talking. That was a trait. He valued highly even on jfk's last day. Baseball was part of his life on his flight to houston. Kennedy and staff marveled at the construction project on the ground. A new kind of stadium was being built. The houston astrodome. You've been listening to tracing the path with dan are morris..

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