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Be fun. Adam Kaufman, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It's ten forty-three. Let's go to the roads to kickoff. Traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes house, look and south of town. Kevin ball. It's a mess out the town here if you're on route three you got a tough go route three southbound we're dealing with a rollover in the media, and after derby street and hang them. That's got you solid. Almost back to route eighteen that's just about two miles a little over two miles a stop and go on the southbound side northbound you hit the brakes here before two twenty eight and Rockland getting up to that role. Oversee now once you get past it, you're looking pretty good up in a Braintree. You get on the expressway northbound brake lights here right around Adam street, slow up through it and then against Savon hill to Columbia road and southbound got brake lights now through Savon hill downtown lower deck back to assembly square and a little sluggish on that bridge into the O'neil tunnel. The Leverett down ramp is full and Tobin you're on the brakes inside the city square tunnel. Storrow drive eastbound, you're slow going aftermaths avenue all the way over to government center airport tunnels are y. Wide open now up to the north Linfield. Those residual delays are starting to ease out coming down through walnut street, you make it a couple of taps of the brakes on your way down a route ninety three this support sponsored by Dunkin drag yourself out of that afternoon slump and into Dunkin where everyday from two to six PM you can get a medium cold brew for two dollars. Try new cherry chocolate cold brew, America runs on Dunkin. Price and participation may vary. Limited time offer. Kevin Brennan.

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