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You're talking Utah. Yeah. I think it would help. If Dante Exum wasn't her every single season. Unfortunately, for our guy. Russell Neal is a good player. I like him. Thaba Losha's good. They don't have draft assets really going forward now. So I think they have a second round pick in this draft. Maybe they could find someone on the fringes. They seem to really like a gorgeous young. The worst game for me to pronounce in all of history. I think if they have seven or eight guys by the time the off season is over. It makes sense. I am a little concerned, though, that when you swing for the fences in this way you have to balance what you could be versus what you do best. And clearly they've had success, the past two seasons or at least in the past two regular seasons being defensive-minded team. And I do think there are certain concerns presented by a Conley. Mitchell backward. I think they'll be fine overall because go bear is such an eraser at the rim and Khamis a smart defender. Yes. And if he's not the most dynamic athlete anymore, right? Yeah. He's older, which doesn't help and I don't know if he was much of a Lynch pin on that defense, even on the grizzlies defense, even when they had their best years. I mean he pretty much had to defensive player of the year caliber players, roundly Allen, watching his back, that helps a lot sure, and neither Ingles who's a smart defender nor Mitchell really fill that void. Yes. So that's the balancing act. They have to do there. I. I guess you know what? I'm comparing this to is other NBA back courts. And there's just not that many defensive stalwart MBA backboard courts that have to, to perimeter defenders in starting so I to me it's that's not the bigger the big deal. The biggest deal is I don't really like their team after their fifth player the shoe, I think is good, but roses good as an eighth guy, you know, I don't really know who's gonna who's the second unit here and who's running the second unit you mentioned staggering favors. I think that could work if they if they make him sort of the linchpin of the second unit a little bit. But it'll be really interesting to see what they do with this. And it's, it's, it's it's a big. It's a big test for Quin Snyder, and for Donovan Mitchell because clearly they orchestrated this and they gave up a little bit of, of draft capital to go for at this year. And it's gonna be fascinating to see how other teams follow suit. Yeah, I think it will come down to alternately how they spend the rest of their off-season. I, I do wonder what that mid-level exception. How far can go in this marketplace. Because. As I look at the board, I pretty much put together a free agent. Listen, I kind of chop them up by tears because I'm a really cool guy. And this is what I do in my free time. And it seems like the market is just super top heavy with max guys. And after that, there's a significant drop off and even from there. It's a lot of big men. So I'm not sure just where the wings are going to come from. Maybe they can get Trevor Aretha but he's more of a three than a four, then I'd be comfortable pretty fried. Oh, yes. He's he's been around the block a few times. I mean, you're talking about Casey peach Danny green would be a good fit for these guys to. Yeah, he's not really four which is what they meet offer, Camino..

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