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But now like joe joe. Yeah true joe. Joe seems really fun. She does great time. Okay sarah wynter asks. I'm really fascinated by the raven. Rachel beef and would love to know. If there's any insight juliette can share. that's me. Can you give me a rundown. Rachel in raven were tight. I believe they are both on nick. Season me it to the final three and then they had like a big falling out and neither will address it. I don't feel that's my story to tell. I will say i think that people just go in different directions like who they trust who their allies are. This definitely factions of the bachelor nation. Right and so. I think who you choose as your friends makes. It makes a big difference like any friend group or any like professional circle. Your inner dynamics has a whole bachelor nation. Click of the show is interesting. I'd like to know like if there are these kind of massive groups. High school cliques. In who who doesn't like probably there are i mean. Yeah i think also a lot depends on your season and your age like in. Which if you're if you're gen z millennial too big big divide guys. Why big divide do you guys even care about. Even feel like she really fell off. She hasn't done anything her. Tia was ravens friend and then got big and then i haven't heard anything from reading. She got second didn't she. She did yeah she did and then she got engaged. I don't think has ever closed though nick. Nick has since since made that clear. That isn't just feels like an eternity ago. It wasn't long time ago over four or they filmed it for years ago but just feels like ravens out of the mix for a long time. I'm curious like who do. You is actually like follow that you care about from the show still like men and women that like there haven't been on most recent season anyone. I made it a point not to fall these people. So i i. I was clinging on for a very long time to you. This is controversial. But peter from rachel. Season peter krause. While you're a fellow midwesterner. There's reciprocity wisconsin minnesota. So yes but i actually on fouled him the other day. Why what pushed you over the edge. I was just like a lotta workout kind of stuff. And i don't need this right now. Yeah i'm looking for some unique content. And i feel like none of them offer something. That's agreed workout content doesn't do it for me. Do i still follow kelly and peter from peter season. I'd never followed them. Yeah they're a really tough. It's rough tiktok really rough. They're they're definitely in contention for america's lamest couple like surfing. Oh yeah they'll be the other awhile. I predict she breaks up with him. Eventually that's my take. But i like that. I think would followed my mom over him. Honestly barb out on the webber family they really channel. What a weird sequence of events guys from the bachelor finale. Two part finale. In studio march ninth and tenth to kovic shutting down the world on like two days later. It's like the last in literally of los angeles. The bachelor finale for peter was barbs biggest. Moment we all went on after that. Barb sentence over the edge funny to think about weird. It's sad peterson. Just have to be devastated. They're not get to paradise. Oh my god do you think they'll be invited back whenever it probably but who knows what the heat that the women matt season. We'll bring well. Third is in the coming. Whenever it happens again we'll be difficult right. Because you can't keep outing people with quarantining i mean i guess you can but there's going to have to be like a real pre planning process to like get going unless you just throw eighteen people on a beach and walk them in there. Yeah do that when the vaccine becomes available to give special permission to bachelor people to get it i. They can do bachelor in paradise next summer. Interesting there's the front of the line. All the essential workers actually keeping the country going. All the compromise doesn't matter and she's got to get the vaccine be sponsored by the vaccine on instagram. bring that up coach crystal crystal from bari season. She's pregnant. I was shocked that her pregnancy announcement sports sponsored like sheena shea from vanderpump truly shocked and she had multiple announcements and multiple pregnancy photo shoots so there was like such an opportunity to get that content sponsored and she just slept on it. I don't know what she's doing. Did you see that. Dylan barbara tweeted. Like y'all buying a house is so much work or no. Buying a house is so difficult. And then chris commented instead. Try getting a divorce yeah. I actually be like goose chris. Radon was one of the most unfairly maligned people to be on the show. He kind of seems funny read. He does a good post bachelor career. I didn't like him and isn't he a fantasy football savant. Craig is i believe that he was like very i think he might do. Sponsored content with draft kings. I think he was. He's the one who broke the news about jade winning that contest. Oh right so. I think that you might want to reach out to him fantasy football level and see if he wants to be on your podcast. Because i'm pretty sure he does does Staff though of course us fan duel. If you're doing daily fantasy not draftkings picks interesting. I don check them out. But also there's a whole fantasy. Li like yeah league with all the bachelor guys missing all the former bachelors plus tyler and matt. It's interesting to try and get in. I should try and be the commissioner. Yeah tried to get in there. See what you can do. That could be content for you. Okay next. Julia asked to be a instagram. What is your favorite bachelor nation. Read it conspiracy theory once released. Ed this is a good one. I mean the most most talked about right now. Is that the producers. Always planned on clara leaving early and bringing teasha next to impossible. What do you mean they always planned before the guys like before they knew the guys were they halfway through but based on what how could they know. I don't know because i knew claire was stalking people or lightly. Like just you know searching them on research and on social you believe. Dale and claire truly had never spoken idea. Believe that claire so serious about her father. I feel like for her to swear. Grave is a. That's true that's a good point And she saw seemed excited about the process. I saw something on reddit. That says that they think are man Bennett is a producer plant. I don't believe in the producer plant. I think that some guys are more manipulable. But i don't believe in. The philosophy is producer. So you think it's never happened. Well like natasha who has has. She's friends with julia laporta. Who is one of the leads producers. And she needs to know anything about the show. Like chiefly talk i was getting into. She didn't know how it worked. So i i don't think the producers really do that. I think once you're there they try to manipulate you to do stuff. Maybe they cast people that they think will be easy to control. There's someone who's like in cahoots. What do you study the stuff very closely. What do you think. I mean i agree with you. I think that they choose certain. People who have certain types of personalities and are willing to be produced and are willing to do anything to be famous. Which honestly if you wanna do that. Find your life. Whatever at like someone like you know jordan kimball and his hot gold pants. Oh god yeah you know. I think they bring stuff in there like can you do this. Definitely yeah and others. That don't but again. I think when you apply to these shows you kind of know what you're signing up for at least you should know what you're signing up for and i think it attracts a certain demographic of people does asking somebody. Why are you single. I think a better question would be. Why are you on the show. Yeah exactly yeah. That's a great point because it's like why. Why did you want to go on tv. Or why did you go on tv. It'd be the way to find a partner like gosh truly think.

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