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Is about a job nine four one nine four one seven two four seven job had dot com Grover Norquist but when the R. A. T. R. dot org it's Americans for tax reform dot org if you stop by there those of you the phone lines I'm gonna grab your hot to the to the actual show so we'll go screen Lewis screen so when you come on a mask your name the we'll just go from there you heard about this story were Kerry said some liberal women progressive women left the women here's the weird part Kerry what are they trying to get people who are already on their side the far left Democrats to give them even more money in the middle the only group of women who probably would give the money are the ones that agree with them a go of it yeah it makes no sense but it doesn't make any sense it's just dumb it is a dumb we go to took delight one is gonna be Mike in Minnesota yes Mike we know you are already what's on your mind high going out like your idea let's go the the halftime show I haven't heard anything but I I don't even know what it was weird my gums are you have heard anything but what any any comments about the halftime show from like a Melissa marrano or an Ashley Judd if you had a washer speech after watching that no no they they probably they probably loved it they they love it thanks thanks bye probably probably loved it always just great just feminism made at its best best extent just incredible feminism that feminism your lead the end that is what it is that's what confuses maze feminism at its very best to where nearly nothing in dance rock stripper and I wonder also that one point where they have the kids and a lot of people were referring to as the kids in cages on the border did you get that anywhere they really kids in cages at well that's what people are talking about today I don't they're trying to make some kind of political statement it could've been something completely different but people were comparing that to the the cage at all what what was the cage aspect or was it like those those those are metal sphere looking things all I do see that nine yeah well your make that kind of point you better make more obvious I mean I'm I'm reasonably Smarties Sheila okay yeah man about we're trying to make its local state here over shaking her but but other than that would be right a weird if they were going to go that route but maybe they didn't I don't know I I didn't see the locals say about to get work from reading to everything the local server that was made was JZ and Beyonce say with their rich **** sitting down in the chairs are not getting up I think that that was that was a little set of the night Gee what's going on Las Vegas high I'm not your talk you talk to you I'm not I'm not really big into NFL fan after the whole copper Nick but I thought like five minutes or less than five minutes the show it was the day low situation and there were twelve or thirteen year old boy that was embarrassing the older men they roll over seventy they were just kind of like a while and I'm not whole dance it was disgusting and I think it is all go back down to the owner of the end of the other big you know the big head honcho the commissioner certainly could about made made a better decision when you hire JZ to be the musical you know coordinator maybe you should go and see what the act is going to be before you just let it go on there because we went from you know Janet Jackson and her her malfunction to now were publicly wearing almost nothing it's very strange yeah I know I have an eighteen year old daughter and I just I I wouldn't want anything like that it just is disgusting and I just like them to get back down to like just a regular everyday low concert or something like that have time and I get the grade get rid of effect spelling NFL could not agree with you more Gee I appreciate you thank you apply now it eight nine four one packs I've got maybe a minute for you Kathy make it happen among okay Hey can you hear me come on yes I was with my seventeen year old son is out of a laptop trying to get some homework done on Sunday night and he's like watching it when it came to the part with check here with the rope around and like he thought he can't pick up looking up and he's like one of my watching and then you know a few minutes ago he sees something else with the ball and he's like what's going on here and I'm like well basically you're watching like a Vegas show and it was much I he made a comment about the male dancers in the background the ones that have those like white happy look and I don't even know what it was but then the first section they had on like skirts and so he made the comment about I shouldn't even bring are they all day and then one of my daughters is thirty Tom cell because she's like why are you so homophobic it just got really weird sounds like one of the house another topic I got around I got a weird weird conversations and certainly work coming from at halftime show without a doubt Grover Norquist we come back this is the gel pads yeah W. 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