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Hello welcome to the final episode of her last round us to buy this series with mark steel will be a couple of specialists coming up at least between now and sent denver but there's going to be a little bit of a quiet time and those will be audio only from mma conflict estherville and from the wells comedy festival so hope you will enjoy those little extras coming out but series fourteen starts at 'em september twenty four th room recording of exciting guests from america for that first one and hopefully lots of other signed you coming up so get squinted come by in advance so you don't miss out when the names are announced if you become a drip store a badge of course you'd get the names of the guests before roy announced d don't rich last richard thompson herring all guy dot com slash badges as well as helping us to pay for the series amd heels again backstage interviews and engined competition and lots of other little benefits as well if you're drip you get to one of my step shows every team months for free well you know on top of what you paid anyway thanks everybody came to this last year has contributed to make a success we do need to raise some money for the next series because the yearly amount of money from badges is quite cover it but they we have covered those that i there is only lovely lot so thanks for that and run my merged two questions book the new one with thousands of questions seven hundred of which have not appeared in print before will be out in october so by that the money from that we'll go to me for once that's right.

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