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And cloudy in Boston. The forecast brought to us by Toyota. Tune into WBZ at seven oh five AM twelve thirty five and five thirty five pm for tomorrow's technology today. Brought to you by Toyota. Learn the latest news from leading experts on cutting edge innovations hybrid and safety technology. Toyota, let's go places gas prices are down a penny in Massachusetts, the state average for self serve regular is now two dollars and eighty three cents. Triple A's, drew Carlson says prices could reverse soon. Bitty summer travel season is coming to an end, and we are trending down is actually at a four year high so pump prices could head up within the next couple of weeks. Massachusetts averages two cents below the national average, but it costs twenty one cents more now than it. Did it this time last year and people using their pets meds to get high? Jeff Brown with that story coming up. Also, New England business news on WBZ news. Hi, it's Joe Jack Loney owner, Raj painting, if you're a business owner property manager, or general contracts, are you know, that professionalism reliability of the most important keys to your success. That's why arch painting has been New England's top choice for commercial painting for over twenty years since Naxi ninety seven the most respected colleges hospitals historic buildings car dealerships and others have trusted arch painting for fast, reliable and quality painting services, even doing dust floor coatings and finishes don't waste time with others giving you the runaround. We know your project is important and you can't afford to have any downtown. So go with the pros at arch painting for free estimate. Call us today at one eight four four arch painting that's one eight four four arch painting or visit us online at arch painting dot com. I am Rodney free is the chief operating officer and f concrete were family owned concrete. Subcontract. We've been a signatory to the Koprivnice for over fifty years. If you wanna have a successful, reliable workforce. It is essential to have a great relationship with Russia. The communication between the union and and concrete is in great. They can get the qualified people at a meeting in just.

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