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Ask permission and then be mellow about it. And now an animal radio news brief. A British woman recently located her missing diamond earring, but she's going to have to wait almost a decade before she's able to wear it again. Claire Lennon told the telegraph that her pet chicken Sarah snatched the $450 piece of jewelry while she was perched on her shoulder. Everybody carries around a pet chicken, don't they? Veterinarians determine the earring was trapped in the chicken stomach and while they said they could remove it with risky surgery, Lennon quickly ruled that out because she says her 6 year old daughter would be devastated if Sarah died. So instead they didn't intend to wait until Sarah grows old and passes away from natural causes which Lenin estimates could happen in about 8 years. I guess it doesn't come out in the poop like dogs or something. You know, you go through the dogs if they eat something. Well, at least I do. My dogs eat something that I need. I look in the backyard and see if it's there. This has been an animal radio news briefs, get more at animal radio. You know, here at animal radio the studio cats have been using the armor cat cat trees for two decades. And you know, cats need to scratch claw and climb and unlike any other tree, armor cat furniture is strong, durable, and really reliable. Armor cats best in class cat trees and beds all come with 6 month warranties. Go to armor cat dot com. That's ARM AR Kat dot com and give your cat the tree they deserve. And get 15% off using the code animal radio. Hi, this is Justin Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family. I'm on Hannibal radio,

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