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Five hotels in the valley owned by the real estate and development investment firm caliber will one day for a total of fourteen night we're offering five rooms per hotel the company's Chris Locklear says they're offering this for the month of April and may me and my wife is a nurse and so we were looking at some of the communication and her network and there are a lot of nurses and doctors who were helping these patients and they're worried about potentially coming home and getting their family active to see which hotels are offering this visit calibers website reporting live from Griselda city no KTAR news to Arizona universities are dealing with housing issues because of the corona virus NA you is giving students the option of staying on campus during the call a corona virus outbreak students who are able to move out of residential housing by April sixteenth we'll get a credit that represents twenty five percent of the spring semesters housing and dining charges meanwhile there is on a state university is asking students living on campus right now to move out by April fifteenth if they have another place to stay they're offering a fifteen hundred dollar non refundable credit to eligible students Arizona department of emergency and military affairs director Major General Michael McGuire joined in that town hall last night with governor Doug Ducey another's acquires says the National Guard is stepping in to help out the Navajo Nation deal with the many covert nineteen cases and deaths there or working diligently with tribal leadership to try to allay those emerging issues and provide a more enduring solution McGuire says they've been stationed in tuba city and K. Gunter new restrictions are now in place at Phoenix parks and rec areas all ramadas and picnic tables are now closed during yesterday's city council meeting however the council voted against closing down trails councilman Carlos Garcia disagreed feel better they're responsible although we are not shutting everything down but because I think we should do something rather than nothing I wish we were doing a lot more golf cart rentals at the city's eight golf courses are not limited to one person at a time of lessons to family members writing in the cart the Coconino National Forest is closing popular hiking trails and scenic areas near Sedona the bell road cathedral rock and courthouse Vista trail heads will be closed until further notice because of the large number of hikers and people to failing to practice social distancing their funeral services for the Phoenix police commander who was killed in the line of duty will be limited to immediate family the next police will live stream a mask for commander Greg Carmichael on Facebook next Tuesday at ten AM only immediate family members will be allowed to attend his service at St Jerome's Catholic Church to the coronavirus conical was shot and killed Sunday night while responding to a domestic violence call the fifty six year old was planning to retire in October after thirty one years on the force he leaves behind a wife and four adult children police are asking the public to pause for a moment of silence at noon on Tuesday in Carmichaels memory journey foster KTAR news a man is dead this morning after an officer involved shooting in mesa last night just before eleven o'clock the officer tried to stop a man on a moped head near center street and Broadway road shortly after that the officer requested emergency back up and that's when the officer shot the man a man died the officer was not injured KTA our eyes on the economy people are still buying houses and realtors are getting creative in the way they interact with clients merry Roberts with the Arizona realtors association says something that's becoming quite popular you're gonna see a lot more virtual home tours they've got programs that allow you to use a three sixty camera and so that the client can actually click room to room and really do a three sixty tour of the home she advises realtors to ask clients of they've been sick or if they travel abroad recently before they show a home at twelve oh seven here's Larry Lewis from the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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