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Story. We've got Stephen and Malachi Gregory in Nelson. At Arizona State University today. Learn more about the WPA Carey business graduate programs online text muddle, two seven nine six four five that's M O D E L to 79645 Alexa. What station am. I listening to right now. Newsradio one thousand k t o k. And welcome back to coast to coast, George Noory with you. Or with John whole talking about prophecy for two thousand nineteen is website Hoke, prophecy dot com linked up at coast to coast AM dot com. So John you had this book you're sitting on for three years, but it's coming out. It's coming out in the spring it lasts and a lot of people have been waiting for it. It's evolved over the last three years into a an epic book on that's not just about twenty nineteen. But the things that we do in twenty nineteen and actually show an overview of the coming decade of the twenty twenties some of the major astrological issues milestones as well. As other things and major trend changes in the economy in in religion in about five G and all of that other.

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